Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Car for rent in Kuching.. Kereta untuk di sewa Kuching atau Samarahan

Sesiapa yang memerlukan kereta sewa di Kuching atau Samarahan
boleh hubungi:
016-8682074 ( Encik Wan)

Kenderaan: SAGA FL 1.6, Automatik
Harga: RM120 satu hari

Jika memerlukan khidmat pemandu: RM 110 satu hari 
(tidak termasuk harga sewa kereta)

Friday, June 14, 2013

smile of the day!

wide smile. just after she woke up this early morning...

Saturday, June 8, 2013

keep on dreaming anne !

i love dreaming aka berangans
cos it dont cost any dollars,even cents.
i have too many dreams and wishlists
like everybody does ;)

my current dream is this.......


keep on dreaming anne, who knows....

maybe not today,maybe one day....

Friday, June 7, 2013

falling like a winter

yup my major problem now
rambut gugur.
hair fall. badly.....
i think its because the effect lepas melahirkan
dunno what to do
this time is the worst
before this my hair never fall this bad huhuhuhu

last sunday.
we had dinner together, 
which food really really make us feel down.
not nice at all huhuhuhu

we went here with my cousin and all of our food not nice!!!
how could they cook like that

she's become very picky lately
she cry loudly! when someone unfamiliar bring her...
grown up process i think

and lately,
 instead of crying,she prefers screaming!!
and guess wht,
now i'm typing this
she's screaming!
like asking me to bring her up..

ok thats all..gonna go get her now

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The flower

Now she's 4 months old..
Just look back her pictures when she was smaller.. :-)

Monday, May 27, 2013

majlis perkahwinan my cousin

yesterday, wedding reception of my cousin.. Aliff and her wife Zaiton
was held at Pustaka in Kuching

as u can see, theme colour for family is orange!
i just realize its awesome when orenge is everywhere!
suddenly i fall in love with orange colour..hehehe...

the sisters.

its a very nice reception
love the color combination *color again hehehe...
the pelamin was pink and white, the family themed outfits is orange
for me that was fantastic combination
nice color to see and brighent the surrounding to look more ceria!

bride and groom with the girlssss... 

congrats to both of you!
moga kekal selamanya & bahagia selalu.....!!

Arianna not in the picture
she's not in a really good yesterday..huhuhu
become very picky of whom holding her...

yup. thats mean shes getting bigger and wiser of her surrounding...