Sunday, January 29, 2012

#2 Photo-4-Fun on Sunday - I miss Beach.

its Sunday...

*ridiculous me as Afro girl who miss to go to the beach!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sugar dan Bun.

my car reached 8888km yesterday,
when we were on our way to here...

Sugarbun. at Kuching Central.

Kuching Central baru lagi.
belum sampai sebulan pun opening.
so,lepas niaga semalam.
tringin pulak nak pergi Kuching Central.
cuma nak jalan2,tringin pulak nak tengok apa yang best kat situ.
sampai sana, jalan2 pusing2.. 
belum banyak lagi kedai yang dah bukak.mmg x banyak yg dah opening.

tak lama lepas pusing2,perut cakap dia lapar.
wahh.'perut cakap' ok. :P
so i dengan 'him' singgah lah ke Sugarbun nak isi perut yang lapar itu.hehe.
pasal makan ni mmg kegemaran. ;)
we both really love to eat. a lot!
especially, me.


what we eat.
see something different which not from this fast food restaurant?

yes.nasi lemak dari luar(jualan sendiri) bawa masuk Sugarbun.hehe.
good good savings. tettt  :P

look like he's getting thinner.







Simple Saturday - 8888

on 8.09pm.
it reached 8888km..
lucky eight. hope it will always bring luck.
and always lucky...    :)

be good always ya my sweet little car! :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Eat-a-lot on weekends.

a day before chinese new year.
i went out with 'him.
then we decided to have lunch together.
most difficult thing went we want to go lunch is always....
'where do we want to have lunch..'
why so hard to decide where to lunch.
especially, me.

then i think and think and think.
and i feel like want to eat chicken rice at Singapore Chicken Rice.
so,we went there..
as i entered the restaurant.
i was kinda like.. "waaa..CNY is so soon..oh, its the day after tomorrow!"
this was because there's so many CNY decorations in the restaurant.
its everywhere!
which i like!
cos suddenly i feel like... i'm in China..
wahh.haha. :D

i'm in china.
oops..stop dreaming. :P

this girl wants to eat something kinda Chinese style.

Roasted Chicken Rice, Salted Fish Bean Sprout, Black Pepper Fish.
for two tummy only!

what i like about SCR.. they always have promotional drink that comes together with the Chicken rice.
its seasonal. every month have different promotion drink i guess.
this month Lime Drink is the promotion drink.i like!
these mean that you only have to add 50 sen for the drink! cheap. rite? 
good good savings! hehe..

the glass also big. mmg puas hati..
boleh senyum lenggang perut senang hati bila keluar dari restaurant ni :D

On Sunday,i went to my little cuzzie birthday party.
was celebrated at Marrybrown.
not many photos taken.cos i was so so hungryyyy...
before i went to the bday party, me and my mom busy finding presents for the bday girl.
its quite tiring..and we don't eat at all until we arrived here.its about 3pm!
i never had lunch that late now.thats made me too hungry i think.huhuhu.

the birthday party overall was really fun!
when i saw those kids playing games somehow i wish i could be a cute little kid again.
fun right life as a kid. no worries bout any problem.
just enjoying their self playing here and there.
oh.i want!

can u see the birthday girl? 
the one in the middle with the white dress and headband :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some kind of reality.

if i could turn back time, i want to go back to school.
primary or secondary..i don't mind.
being a school student is one of the best time in life. maybe.
but i don't enjoyed it as much as i should.
and for that, i kinda regret.

i kinda regret somehow because i just don't do what i wanted to,
i don't be how i wanted to when i'm in school.
i am a really shy girl.
especially when i'm in school.
oh. stupid me. =_='

somehow i hate myself because of that. really really hate myself because of that.
its so hard for me to interact to other people cos i am crazily shy.
damn it!

its so hard for me to introduce myself to someone i want to knew and make friend.
its so hard for me to find good topics to talk to someone i just knew.
i rather zipped up my mouth like forever rather than talking.

cause somehow if i talk, i will suddenly talk bout something so weird without i noticed.
and if i already noticed, then i will make myself feel like full of redness and shyness all around my face.
i can only be a normal me to family and friend which i already really close with.

and you know what.
some of it still playing around me till today. =_='

i read in some articles and a blog whose has quite a same experienced like me.
from that,i knew that this kind of condition called inferiority complex.

here are some about it..

An inferiority complex arises from imagined or conditioned feelings of inferiority. 
An individual experiencing repeated situations in which he or she feels less than others (conditioning aspect) may imaginatively “blow out” their understanding of the experiences beyond what would seem reasonable to another person (imagination aspect).
Some situations in which feelings of inferiority may arise are:
  • Parental attitudes and upbringing – disapproving, negative remarks and evaluations of behavior emphasizing mistakes and shortcomings determine the attitude of the child before the age of six.[1]
  • Physical defects – such as disproportional facial and body features, weight, height, strength, speech defects and defective vision cause inferiority complexes.[2]
  • Mental limitations – cause feelings of inferiority when unfavorable comparisons are made with the superior achievements of others, and when satisfactory performance is expected.[citation needed]
  • Social disadvantages and discriminations – family, alleged racesexsexual orientationeconomic status, or religion.
Source : Wikipedia

after reading this, i can feel that its kinda related to myself.
i always feeling this way.
sometime feeling like better die than facing things that need to face others.(wahhh..over :P)
things like..... which what i personally feel when i will meet people or during i meet people around me.

imagination aspect. yes. 
yes for before. no for now..
good improvement for myself i think :)

feel less then others. yes
when i feel others look better than me,have more self-confident than me..
i think sometime i'm still feeling this way..

physical defects. yes. 
my size always bigger than the other girls around me.

parental attitudes and upbringing. yes for before.
i think this related to my little faith since i was born.
no relation with physical and mental. just some-kind of faith..
i knew bout it my age 6 years old.
when i grew up,about 12-14 years old, 
this little faith playing in my head.
i just can't accept it.
the feeling to think bout my little faith was too strange for me at that time.
its like i can't accept it.
it make myself down. so down.
for that, i am blaming..but i can't voice it up.
to make myself feel relieved, i often cried.

i am still so young at that time.
but now,i can fully accept my little faith..

for me.. 'him' also teached me a lot about faith in life. :')
my little faith.something that already written for me,for my whole life.
accept it thankfully with full of heart. no regret and no blaming. 


good night.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Cinema.

i did mentioned that i wanted to watch movie at cinema for maybe today but tomorrow. and yesterday i did't went to cinema..sobs :'(
i was clueless to watch which movies..
no movies kinda interesting to me and suits my taste.
so, to avoid wasting money, i'm not watching any movie and i don't go to cinema!
even shopping mall,i don't go!
cos so many shops closed during cny..
so i am spending more time at home these two days.
which was better. i think.

but at home i'm not totally doing nothing.
i'm quite busy at home.
surveys something for a 'big thing'..hint* :P
gonna tell later.
dunno when. ;)

hope i can have a traditional body massage at a village in the time near by.
maybe next month, or the other month.
feeling so nervous ok. it quite scary.
the massage really hurt. but it is really good for body.
hopefully after the massage my body can get better as usual or even better..!
a little scared actually. huhu... cos the massage kinda hurt!
oh.doing the massage only it hurts like hell.
like hurt so much! really.
after massage,you'll never feel anywhere even.
but you'll feel so so much better! really.

oh.its still early now.
i'm already feel so sleepy.. 

happy chinese new year and good night.

(heart says: hope to have a better day for tomorrow and days after & murah rezeki selalu  :) )

Monday, January 23, 2012

Cuti cuti raya cina.

happynya hari ni cos dapat goyang-goyang kaki dok umah! at last. :D
hehehe. off-day dua hari. tambah sabtu ahad jadi 4 hari
enough or not?
hopefully my body have enough rest..
my body reaallly need rest.cos it works a lot everyday.
wahh. over :P

today is a nice day with some little cute 'stress'.
nice day,cos weather here is so nice and cold..i love.
nice day,cos i got time to spend with my cuzzies in my room.. talking this and that, saw little cuzzie playing her toys, laughed together, karaoke using laptop together, have gossip session :P i love.
nice day, cos eating ice-cream which is my most fav snack ever while typing this entry. i love.
nice day, cos just discuss bout expending my little business with 'him'. i love.
nice day, cos i got chance to spend my time at home doing nothing! i love the most. hiks :P

little cute stress, cos i'm facing some disagreement with my mom bout something which is not so serious but it should be my decision cos it is for my big day(guess what? :P).
i need more talk with her. so she'll know what i want and what is my taste.
sometime i can't understand her. really.
sometime she's being so complicated.
something like.....
when she told me to choose anything that i like and she will agree to anything that i choose.
so i agree and listened to her.
then i choose.
after i choose, i told her.
then she says what?
say she don't like what i choose.
she want me to choose what she like.
you get it??!

do you get me? you get me rite? rite?
anyone can get disagree, mad and stress if in this situation. i guess.
ask me to choose what i like.but then she want me to choose of what she like.not what i like.
oh no.i really dislike this kind of situation.huhuhu.
that's my little cute 'strees' for today. =__='

Sunday, January 22, 2012

#1 Photo 4 Fun on Sunday!

editing for fun! 
wish can be continue every Sunday.hopefully i'll do..
cannot promise.hiks :p

oh. i'm using picnik. cos the premium is free now!
due to picnik web closing on this coming April.
i don't want to miss using the free premium.
so edit one of the photo of my lovely cousin's gradution..

the photo is so last year.....
but the editing fresh as orange.. ;)

me,cuzzies,lil bro and 'him'
happy together 

tomorrow is CNY! Gong Xi Fa Cai!
and enjoy your holiday!!!

love, miss anne.

Friday, January 20, 2012

This is My Bedroom

this is my bedroom!
my bedroom is part of my love! i guess.
feel so damn cozy...
like the best place ever! to me. of cos :)

to me,a bedroom should be the place that i love and like the most.
the best place, to relax my mind and my soul and my body.
like a therapy.

everytime i went in my room, i will feel so comfortable.
i will feel like don't want to go anywhere.
feel like i want to do everything in my room,
from watching movie from lappy,online,lying down and sleep (of course lah rite)
even sometime i would like to eat in my room!hehehe
then my whole bedroom smells like the foooood~
then i need to light some candle and drop some perfume-for-room(forgot the name.) in water,
to scent to my bedroom so it will wangiii kembali.... ;)


the thing is,
i will really really miss this so much. sobs :'(
bcos everything need to change.due to some reason.
from wall colors, bedsheet,curtain. just EVERYTHING.
how sad....huhu.
i just hope that the new decoration and renovation will be something better than now!
hopefully my next bedroom decoration will be prettier and better and nicer and cozier than now.. :D


this is my room now..

in my room, everyday is Raya. 

simple.but i love it so much. 

the wall is painted by my love.

the most special thing is that....
the whole wall was fully painted... by 'him'!!!
from the bedsheest, the colourful lamp,the curtain, even the decos which photos not taken yet, 
all were chose by 'him'!

thankyou so much dear love...
thats so meaningful and special to me...  :')
now u know thats why i love this deco so much.

and its kinda hard for me to accept the new look.
cos i love this so much.
but i no need to worry to much.
cos the new decoration and renovation will also made by, 'him'.
hehe :D

oh.i just realised that the photo that i'm taken only the view from the bed corner.
forgot to snap from other corners.
other corners have different painting.

maybe i can share other corners photo next time yaa..
2 times of hari raya my bedroom in this red color with those paintings.
what will it be for next raya? 
how will it look?
will be re-deco and renovate in the next few months from now.maybe.
but feel nervous suddenly..huhu.whatever. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New calender is coming.

chinese new year dah dekat!
will be tahun naga kan. kan?
suka. sebab off-day.
no need to niaga.
and got time to
hopefully i will have time to rest well.

bestnya...tapi ke mana nak di tuju ya?
tringin pulak rasa nak celebrate CNY,ziarah rumah kwn2 chinese...
wahhh. but the thing is i don't have chinese friend.
i wish i have..huhu.
dulu masa kecik selalu la ikut my aunt g sambut CNY kat rumah boss dia.
pastu,sekarang dah besar ni dah tak da pun diajaknya.

hiks.tetiba plak sedih.
tulah akibatnya bila dari kecik hantar sekolah yang tak da seorang pun chinese.
pastu g sekolah menengah pulak pun sama ok!huhu...
pastu pulak masuk uitm,lagi lah takda chinese kan..huhuhu..
i only have one chinese friend. childhood friend.
same class at a music school. we both learned playing electronic organ.
but...i already forgot his name.
and he is the only chinese friend that i have since i was a kid until now!
yes. it is. huhuhu..

tapi 'him' ada family yang chinese.
mana la tau dia nak ajak i jln2 CNY. hiks :)
tapi x menaruh harapan tinggi..
takpa la kalau x dpt bwk jln2 CNY.
kalau 'him' dpt bawak jln2 shopping pun dah cukup ok..
(of cos la ok.ok sangat2!) hehehe :P
tak bawak tengok wayang.
since Ombak Rindu memang xda tengok wayang.
rasa cam nak tgk wayang lah..
tapi....nak tengok crita apa?
the vow lama lagi kot.
movie apa yang best skarang eh?? anyone?

oh. teringin lah nak tengok drama baru yang Nora Danish heroin tu..
i like her. nice style and look cool and good actress and so so so beautiful. and cute.
yup.i'm her fan. :)
rasanya nama drama tu Ariana Mikhail.
can watch at channel tv9.
or maybe can watch in youtube.rite? ;)
jalan cerita pun cam best.
hope i will have time to watch later..

oh.hari ni best. best sebab jualan habis cepat.
suka sangat2!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Think i need a masseur.

minggu ni tak niaga sabtu dan ahad.
kata nak rilex goyang-goyang kaki.
rupanya tidak.
frust jugak sebab tak sempat langsung nak goyang-goyang kaki.
kedua-dua hari adalah sangat pack.

semalam my mother called me..
(my mother is not the same person with my mom is another person..)
there's a story behind it.. no conflict.
it's just my faith. since i'm still a newborn; a baby.  :) mother nak buat majlis makan selamat untuk my newborn nephew,Danish.
u're so cute baby Danish!

tak jemput ramai pun. just family terdekat saja.
so,my mother called to ask me to help them preparing foods.
my mother nak buat Nasi Bacaan (a javanese cuisine)
since dia ingin nak makan and based to what my mother told me,
org jawa dulu2 kalau ada kenduri for newborn babies,
biasanya mmg Nasi Bacaan akan jadi sajian utama.
since kami mmg keturunan jawa.
and also have malay and chinese blood in us.

so,dalam pukul 9 pagi mula prepare dan masak apa2 yang perlu
i tolong macam2. hari ini pun sama.
except cooking the main dish.

tolong kopek2 bawang,ubi,halia.
potong bahan bermacam-macam lah bahan.
goreng ikan, sohun, telor..yg simple2 ;)

macam simple kan.. tapiiii..
fuhhh..memenatkan sangat2!! really!
cos bukan sikit yang perlu di prepare. tapi banyakkkk.
semalam ok lagi,tak banyak sangat.
tapi hari ni... i karamm u.
u know what i mean rite? :)
prepare brgn cam kenduri kahwin je.

but worth it for an experience lah. of cos.
banyak yang dapat di pelajari mengenai ilmu di dapur pada hari ini dan semalam.
means i dah layak & lulus jadi bini yang berkerjaya sebagai suri rumah sepenuh masa.
eh?hehe.. :P  

am i kidding???
no. i'm not.

its my ambition in long future..hiks.
not now.
now i still have lot of things to do which i need to achieve.

oh.hari ni tolong my mother prepare barang masakan for dal and nasi briyani..
its for the opening of my sis's new cafe. so many people came today!
located at Plaza Astana Kuching named 1 Satay Ceko
wahhh..promote uolls    :P
Satay Ceko is turun remurun of my family business since yearssss ago..
since 40 years ago? or maybe more? i'm not sure.
its since my grandfather still young.

erm.what else i want to share?
oh.i don't take photo at all for both days since i'm so busy..
when i'm free for a while,of cos i need some rest.
so,no picture is taken.

i typing this with my tired fingers and body..
i think i need a massage. really.

esok niaga.this means that....
i takda rest langsung minggu ni ok!
langsung tak sempat nak goyang kaki.

congrats to myself! clap*clap*!
i'm a super girl!!!!



Saturday, January 14, 2012

I know what i did last weekend.

my last post langsung satu pun takda gambar sendiri.
ntah kenapa selalu lupa ambik gambar sendiri..
why?why am i like that.huhu..

oh.last weekend dating jalan2 dengan 'him'.
jln2 kat the spring shopping mall.
window shopping. only.......
cuti mata saja.takda shopping. :(
pastu malam,kami klua dinner. to Rj Ayam Bakar..

kaki lenguh pakai heels uolls. hiks. ;)
so, duduk jap kat art gallery yang ada kat situ.

sambil snap2 diri sendiri.

lepas jalan2 pusing2 semua,trus balik.nak mandi.
cos nak having dinner with 'him'..

at Rj Ayam Bakar, i'm waiting for food!

snap gambar sendiri, lupa pulak nak snap gambar makanan.huhu.
i makan ayam bakar. 'him' makan ayam penyet special.
both same price. both so nice!
siap ada tempe and tauhu goreng garing sekali.
ulams of cos ada lah kan.
dan suka sangat2 sambal penyet kat sana. sedap! dan pedassss!
yup. i love spicy food!

'him' also waiting for food!

that night,lama jugak lah lepak situ.
lepas makan,my sis sampai with his husband.
pastu kawan2 'him' pun datang.
chit-chatting,watching tv there.
then i go back home...with perut kenyang senang hati.... :)))

Belated birthday.

ni last friday.
masa birthday my nephew,Zaqri.
he's 9 years old now.. :)

lama betul tak share pics.
cos sekarang baru dapat transfer ke lappy.
but i think its ok lah kan.
better than never..kan.kan?
hehe :P

so,here are some pics of his bday party last week..
tak byk arr snap pic.2 saje!
sebab.... laparrrr...
of cos lagi busy makan..hiks.

look at the want to eat all!
look at my cuzzie with muka kelaparannnn tak sabar nak makan. :P

hey kids! y u guys don't want to smile at all??! 
bday boy also don't smile.what happened huhhh?
making me feeling stresssssss (gaya gary running man) snapping this pic.

Friday, January 13, 2012

dah basi.

yup.dah basi..
dah berlalu 14 hari yang lepas.huhu.
tapi takpe lah.letakkan je lah. :)
gambar2 family party new year's eve yang lalu....

kenapa sepi?

cuma dia?
kid,are u a santa? u brought all the presents? 

dia lagi.hiks.
semangat lebih my lil cousin nih..
dia lah orang yang pertama tiba.
maklumlah x sampai sepuluh langgah pun dr rumah dia sampai rumah ke rumah saya..

where are the others?


others bz eating.

and bz playing games!
playing passing parcel.. the most favourite annual game!
who's the lucky one? ;)

playing hullaaaa-hoop! 
goyang-goyang gelek-gelek. yeaaahh... out..
who's the champion of hulla-hoop dis year?

budak yang pakai baju melayu lil bro.
2nd runner up of hulla-hoop..
the champion pic nya takda.lupa nak snap.
also my lil bro! hehe..
both of u reaallly good playing this! clapclap!
tak jatuh langsung. dah lama sangat tunggu sapa yg menang..
si abang xnak kalah dgn adik.begitu juga si adik..huhu
amboi....dua2 nak tunjuk terrer yerr!
pastu,my aunt suruh angkat sebelah kaki,sapa yang still dapat gelek ngan gelang tu dia menang..
and at abang yang menang!!! woohoo~!

relaxing and just watching.
my aunt tutup telinga cos takut bunyi mercun!hehe

bunga api dgn asapnya merata!

oh.itu saje ;)
hopefully 2012 will be a great and wonderful year to all of us... 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh my Dior. I'm addicted to you

ni cerita last night..
lepas niaga trus g dinner.
tak lapar pun tapi suka nak menghabiskan masa,membuang waktu. eh?
kat situ makan lemon chicken rice. kat Samarahan.
takda la sedap sangat tapi ok la dan berbaloi dengan harga nya rm4.5 saja..
tapi sepatutnya i order canai je.
sebab mmg tak lapar langsung.
tak tau la kenapa order nasi.
lama jugak la lepak situ ngan 'him'.
sementara i nak fetch my dad kat airport.
my dad sampai Kuching lebih kurang dalam pukul 11mlm..

Lepas ambik my dad,sampai rumah.
Suddenly my dad gave me something!
and i asked my dad "what's this?"
dad just say "perfume..."
then i quickly said "thank you!"

oh.masa tu i dah senyum sampai telinga.
tapi i keep guessing perfume apa yang my dad kasi..
teruja.dan terus masuk bilik.
terus keluarkan kotak perfume..
than i was like "oh no...what a wish come true!"
don't know why if i suddenly get something that i really want to have,
without the person know that i really what to have it.
i really feel like my wish had come true!
it is. rite? or not? =__=
nvm,i still feel very very happy! :D
thanks so much,dad!
iloveyou! gave me set of Dior perfumes!!!
do u know,that was what i wish since i was in secondary school!
but never had chance to buy it anymore when i finished school..
cos in Kuching i think there's no more Forever and Ever perfume by Dior. :(
other Dior perfumes still can be find at Parkson,but not the one named Forever and Ever.

urm..when i'm in secondary school yearsss ago..
i really want to buy that perfume.
it smells very soft and nice.
suitable for young teenagers like me at that time.
but it is expensive.and i never have enough money at that time.
my parents so strict about giving me money when i'm still schooling.really... sad :(

and that's why i am so happy dad gave me gift like.. the best present ever!!! is a miniature sets of Dior.
have 5 perfumes of Dior including Forever and Ever. 
the other 4 are Hypnotic Poison, Miss Dior Cherie, Dior Addict 2 and Diorissimo.
although the set don't include J'adore (which i really really a lover of it)
but its ok cos i also love all the other 4 perfumes!
surprisingly.. all smell so nice!

i dunno why.
but i crazily like Dior Perfumes.
all smells so perfect to me.
like no words can describe.
Oh my Dior. i am addicted to you!


Dear Dior, 
i like and love you, but last month i bought Clinique Happy Heart for myself..
do you want to know why?
that's bcos you don't have good discounts. and you always don't.
but nvm,my dad already gave you to me...
i like!

Bakso nyaman.

lately tak tau nak cerita apa tentang diri sendiri.
hari2 buat benda yang sama..
yelah not exactly sama..tapi tetap sama bagi i..
mcm biasa,sibuk niaga.
tapi tak lah telalu sibuk,i still feel very enjoy and fun doing it.
cos i really love what i am doing now.
just hope that i can expand my business to another level.
after a level to another level to another level to another wish. :)
planning on it, hope everything go in a good manner..Amin..

oh.sambung crita.
hari niaga cam biasa,lepas niaga barulah ada aktiviti yang lain..
tak lah lain sangat pun.
macam g dinner tempat yang lain2,jogging.
tapi cos kat sini mostly hari2 hujan sekarang,tak dapat lah nak jogging.
lama jugak dah tak jogging.
rasanya sekarang aktiviti mengisi perut lebih rancak dari membakar lemak di badan ku ini..
but i really don't want to gain anymore weight.
but i really malas to exercise lately..
so how meh??huhuhu.

actually hari ni i dengan 'him' planned tak nak dinner lagi..
makan siang boleh makan lah apa saja,
tapi makan malam jangan.
i setuju,dia pun setuju.
good. good.

tapi lepas i niaga tadi,
'him' nak hantar i pulang.
sampai kat traffic light simpang 4 yang dah dekat sangat ngan rumah i.tengah lampu merah.
i teringat pulak yang my friend ada story-story kat dalam fb.
dia bagitau ada stall jual bakso nyaman kat Jln Semariang.
which is memang area rumah i.
tapi i tak pernah pulak tau.
tiba-tiba tringat pasal stall bakso tu la tiba-tiba perut ini lapar..hehehe.. ;)

masa traffic light tu bertukar hijau.
i terus suruh 'him' drive lurus je. tak payah belok kanan dulu..
motif nya dah tau la apa kan..
nak makan bakso of cos!
hehe.. suka! :)
nasib baik 'him' macam dah lupa deal kami awal2 yang tak nak dinner.
atau dia pun buat-buat lupa.
kan?kan? :P

pastu order. dan makan.
bakso satu rm3.50 only! murah kan...
kalau yang special tu rm5..
kami order yang biasa je dua..
masa makan i memang fokus,tak cakap apa2..
sebab bakso tu sedap sangat! really!

bakso tu kan makanan indonesia,
pastu pulak stall tu memang ala2 stall yang dalam sinetron tu.
stall yang sangat simple ala2 di perkampungan (mmg dalam area kampung pun.hehe)
dan stall tu betul2 kat bahu jalan.

bertambah-tambah lah feeling seperti di indonesia..
dan bertambah-tambah lah selera nak makan!really.
nasib baik tak tambah lagi satu mangkuk! hehehe.
serius la,mmg sedap..
sedap sesedap sedapnya!
wahhh.over uolls! :P
mungkin kerna suasananya juga.
mungkin kerna cuacanya juga..hari sejuk2 makan hirup sup bakso yang panas..
oh. heaven~... ;)

(heart says: esok... nak dinner apa lagi yaa? :P )

Monday, January 9, 2012

the notebook + dear john = ???

for me,this is a good news!hehehe... :)))

pernah layan movie 'The Notebook'?

pernah layan movie 'Dear John'?

pernah baca novel 'The Notebook'  & 'Dear John'??
both novels written by the same author. rite? rite?
Nicholas Sparks..
an awesome author..

both movies are my favorite.
both movies very da romantic and touching and feeling and making someone needs tissues more than one.
i love both movies. so much.

and the good good news is.............

the hero of 'Dear John', Channing Tatum. omg.omg. :P

(why must put shirtless pic? hiks ;P )

with the heroin of 'The Notebook', Rachel McAdams.

(the hottie Rachel McAdams!)

both of them will be a new combination in a new romance movie!
i'm soooo excited and really really can't wait to watch the movie.
coming to theatres on this coming February!
oh.i can't wait..
the movie called...

'The Vow'

want to know some storyline of The Vow?
here's the trailer.
which made me suddenly feel like want to watch it rite now.huhuhu..

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Simple Saturday - What Are Words

a nice song...a very very nice song...

wonderful melody,with touching lyrics...

i fall in love with this song, for the first time i heard it...

so touching,which made me tears...

is this MV shows the true story of him?
it is... right?

saw some related videos in youtube, seemed like it is...
oh my... :'(

be strong always,man...
not everyone can be strong as you.. and patient as you..
the power of your amazing..

Lyric of...
Chris Medina - What Are Words

Anywhere you are, I am near
Anywhere you go, I'll be there
Anytime you whisper my name, you'll see
How every single promise I keep
Cuz what kind of guy would I be
If I was to leave when you need me most

What are words
If you really don't mean them
When you say them
What are words
If they're only for good times
Then they don't
When it's love
Yeah, you say them out loud
Those words, They never go away
They live on, even when we're gone

And I know an angel was sent just for me
And I know I'm meant to be where I am
And I'm gonna be
Standing right beside her tonight

And I'm gonna be by your side
I would never leave when she needs me most

What are words
If you really don't mean them
When you say them
What are words
If they're only for good times
Then they don't
When it's love
Yeah, you say them out loud
Those words, They never go away
They live on, even when we're gone

Anywhere you are, I am near
Anywhere you go, I'll be there
And I'm gonna be here forever more
Every single promise I keep
Cuz what kind of guy would I be
If I was to leave when you need me most

Friday, January 6, 2012

Banjir oo banjir...

Kuching semalam banyak kawasan yang kena banjir...
ada kawasan yang tak pernah banjir pun ada yang kena.
malam semalam hujan sampai pagi. tanpa henti.
ada yang sampai tenggelam tak nampak apa dah..
tenggelam habis.
nasib baik my place tak kena.
banjir kat sini berlaku pagi semalam..
nasib baik tak lama2..
hari ni ok..semua tempat yang banjir semalam dah tak banjir.. :)

tadi g birthday party my nephew, Zaqry kat mcd..
he's 9 years old today.. :)
ni baru je sampai rumah.
sebelum g bday party tadi g niaga dulu..
nasib baik habis awal niaga tadi,hehe.
anyway,bday party tadi bez.
ramai family yang datang.
very2 happening!

with fun games and kinda complicated games for kids.
i pun tak faham why they(mcd's staff) set up a complicated games for kids.
to me it is complicated for kids.
main yang susun2 cawan sampai 3 tingkat,buat bentuk segi tiga..
lepas siap..susun semula seperti asal..
siapa cepat dia yang menang!
rasanya pernah ada game nih dalam rancangan 'Anda Ada 60 Saat' kat Astro..

to me its really complicated for kids..rite? rite?
yang main pun ada yang baru 3-5 years old.
mana lah faham apa pun kan.
tyme dah mula game tu mcm ada problem cos kids tak faham.
so,they have to start it again.
kids enjoy jer..menang or kalah tetap ada present..

ada ambik some pics tadi,but my bro's laptop cam ada problem plak ngan bluetooth.
tu lah yang tak update lagi pics new year's eve lepas.
pics bday party tadi pun sama.
camne ni?huhu.
sampai bila blog ni akan takda pics yang upload sendiri?
takkan nak harapkan google image search saja..huhu sad. :(

tomorrow is Saturday!
my off-day!! wohooo~! ;)
have some plan for tomorrow..
nak jalan2 and shopping sikit..hehe..
Guess Boutique having sale. until 8 jan.
kena serang sebelum terlambat.
cos last few days i dah intai2 some watches there..
rasa cam sukaaaaaaa...!
and have discount 50% less!
hehehe...hopefully that watch masih ada lagi..
kalau ada rezki, adalah kan..
takkan kemana kalau itu mmg my rezki...Amin.. :)

Actually esok nak g Serikin..
tapi tak jadi pergi.
Serikin adalah salah satu sempadan Malaysia-Indonesia kat Sarawak.
kat situ ada jual macam2. plus barangan nya murah2 dan menarik!
mmg tarikan pelancong tempat tu.
open on weekends only.
tiap2 hujung minggu memang ramai sangat yang g sana.

tapi.... cuaca kat sini still tak ok kan.musim hujan.
takut2 nanti dah sampai sana tiba2 hujan..
pastu,tiba2 pulak banjir..
dah tu,mcm mana nak balik rumah?
huhuhu..risau dibuatnya kalau dipikirkan.
so,tak jadi lah nak ke sana. plan cancel. :(

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lazy-mazy Me..

lately rasa sangat malas lazy-mazy nak update blog.
cos nak memanfaatkan cuti seminggu lebih la konon kan.
i cuti niaga seminggu lebih,
so banyak la masa yang terluang and leh update blog ni panjang lebar lah sepatutnya kan..
but i don't know why...

my blogging mood pun nak cuti jugak? =.=
maybe cos i'm not feeling well..
haritu demam..sekarang dah ok..
cuma batuk dan tekak yang masih menggatal.
tak suka la tekak gatal.menci!
pastu batuk sampai rasa cam nak nangis.huhh.
hope i will get well soon. Amin..
cos esok dah mula niaga..

risau jugak tak sihat masa niaga.
feeling tu kacau ok.
nak niaga,mood kena bagus.
cos kena berdepan dengan orang.
takkan nak tarik muka masam tu kan?kan?kan?

penghujung cuti nih,tak da lah kemana2 pun..
takda activity sangat selain family party for new year's eve last saturday (31.12.2011)..
photo pun tak update lagi. malas sungguh.
cuti ni kebanyakan masa dok rumah.ada la jugak keluar jalan2.

oh. lepas family party sambut new year tu..
the next day(01.01.2011),
all of us went to the bowling centre at Riverside Majestic.. atmosphere after the renovation.suka!
just so crowded and noisy...agak memeningkan..tapi ok lah.
all of us enjoy our good time together.
and no photo taken during that whole day.lupa.  -__-
dalam pkul 6 petang baru settle semua game.

and then my sis pulak nak belanja makan seafood kat Topspot.
rezeki datang mana nak tolak kan.. :P
so, ke sana lah kami.
tapi tak semua yang ikut.
and again,i forgot to take even one pic!
omg. i dunno what happened to me that day.
maybe bcos i'm not feeling well due to cough and sore throat.
and i want to spend my quality time with my family and my love. ;) wink*

and on (02.01.2011); which was semalam..
keluar jalan2 with 'him'..
tak plan nak shopping.
cos memang nak keluar to spend our time together.
cos lately both of us rasa cam dah lama tak spend our time together.
padahal tak lah lama sangat pun tak keluar dating.hehe.

kami g the hills shopping mall.
ada big sale kat MNG.
ingatkan dah takda lagi sale.
but my sis told me MNG still ada sale.
so, i pun teringin lah nak cuci2 mata tengok apa yang best dan cantek.
at first mmg nak window shopping only.
but i end up....
buying a denim legging.
suka! very comfortable!
plus discount, of cos bertambah-tambah suka ittew. hiks. :)

and then we went to Boulevard..
tak beli apa2 pun.
tapi lama sangat tengok2 barang kat situ.
pastu singgah Kubah Ria to have dinner.
i ate Nasi Kerabu...yummyh!
and he ate Nasi Goreng Cornbeef...also yummyh!

itu saja coretan ku kali ini..

esok dah mula niaga..tapi masih mood nak cuti...hurmm.. sedih :(
i know must be strong for tomorrow and another day onwards...

(heart says: be strong anne.throw all ur laziness!)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Selamat Pagi 2012!

hey 2012!
this is ur first morninggggg!
be good okay....
don't be too harsh and noty noty..!

happy new year everyone!!!
may all our wishes and dreams blossom and come true..
may everyday of the new year will glow and shine with happiness for you..
may this new year bringing joy and prosperity for us..
Amin.. :)

miss anne.

baru bangun tido.