Monday, January 9, 2012

the notebook + dear john = ???

for me,this is a good news!hehehe... :)))

pernah layan movie 'The Notebook'?

pernah layan movie 'Dear John'?

pernah baca novel 'The Notebook'  & 'Dear John'??
both novels written by the same author. rite? rite?
Nicholas Sparks..
an awesome author..

both movies are my favorite.
both movies very da romantic and touching and feeling and making someone needs tissues more than one.
i love both movies. so much.

and the good good news is.............

the hero of 'Dear John', Channing Tatum. omg.omg. :P

(why must put shirtless pic? hiks ;P )

with the heroin of 'The Notebook', Rachel McAdams.

(the hottie Rachel McAdams!)

both of them will be a new combination in a new romance movie!
i'm soooo excited and really really can't wait to watch the movie.
coming to theatres on this coming February!
oh.i can't wait..
the movie called...

'The Vow'

want to know some storyline of The Vow?
here's the trailer.
which made me suddenly feel like want to watch it rite now.huhuhu..

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