Monday, January 23, 2012

Cuti cuti raya cina.

happynya hari ni cos dapat goyang-goyang kaki dok umah! at last. :D
hehehe. off-day dua hari. tambah sabtu ahad jadi 4 hari
enough or not?
hopefully my body have enough rest..
my body reaallly need rest.cos it works a lot everyday.
wahh. over :P

today is a nice day with some little cute 'stress'.
nice day,cos weather here is so nice and cold..i love.
nice day,cos i got time to spend with my cuzzies in my room.. talking this and that, saw little cuzzie playing her toys, laughed together, karaoke using laptop together, have gossip session :P i love.
nice day, cos eating ice-cream which is my most fav snack ever while typing this entry. i love.
nice day, cos just discuss bout expending my little business with 'him'. i love.
nice day, cos i got chance to spend my time at home doing nothing! i love the most. hiks :P

little cute stress, cos i'm facing some disagreement with my mom bout something which is not so serious but it should be my decision cos it is for my big day(guess what? :P).
i need more talk with her. so she'll know what i want and what is my taste.
sometime i can't understand her. really.
sometime she's being so complicated.
something like.....
when she told me to choose anything that i like and she will agree to anything that i choose.
so i agree and listened to her.
then i choose.
after i choose, i told her.
then she says what?
say she don't like what i choose.
she want me to choose what she like.
you get it??!

do you get me? you get me rite? rite?
anyone can get disagree, mad and stress if in this situation. i guess.
ask me to choose what i like.but then she want me to choose of what she like.not what i like.
oh no.i really dislike this kind of situation.huhuhu.
that's my little cute 'strees' for today. =__='


Pop Champagne said...

people can be difficult sometimes, hang in there!!

Suvarna Gold said...

thx cutie.hugs and followed back

Miss Anne said...

Pop Champagne: you're right..why must make thing more difficult rite...hard too understand..but sometime without noticing,me myself do make things difficult.hehe

Suvarna Gold: you're welcome dear.. thanks for following! :)