Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 februari.

hari ini tanggal 29 februari!
tarikh yang paling jarang singgah di hari-hari yang kita lalui.
hari ini tanggal 29 februari singgah sebentar dalam masa 24sahaja.
dan hanya akan singgah lagi 4 tahun akan datang! lama tu!!
eh.betol ke 4 tahun sekali je 29 februari ni?
tak sure pulak.hehehe..

i'm having a good day today.
walaupun jualan hari ni ada slow ckit.
but it's ok..lumrah meniaga..
pasang surut tetap ada :)
hati kena sentiasa kuat dan positif.
kena sedia mental fizikal.
kerna tiap2 hari rezeki lain2,tak sama.
kehidupan pniaga macam saya,setiap hari akan mulakan dengan penuh harapan,
harapan agar sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki, 
sentiasa sihat tubuh badan,
sentiasa kuat mental fizikal,
sentiasa bersedia dengan cabaran dan dugaan yang bakal muncul tanpa dirancang,
sentiasa berfikiran positif dan tak mengalah..
wahhh...nak memotivasikan diri sendiri lettew..haha.

i'm in diet now.try to lose some weight in this 'cute' body
and the thing is i don't know what is my current weight.
i think i must know so i can plan more what i should and shouldn't do  in losing my weight.
its better for me to not knowing my current weight.
cos if i know my current weight and it comes with good result,
i will become Extra happy and suddenly forgot that i shouldn't eat too much.
and also lazy to do exercise. :|
but i really really want to know my current weight!hehehe.
i think i should check lah.
cos if its still too far from my target,
so i will be more passion in losing my weight.
and be more disciplined to myself especially in Eating.
yes.i'm so in love in with the word E.AT. hehe
damn.i love to much. =__=

Monday, February 27, 2012

zoo in the making?

i'm getting closer with a kitten which come to my house bout few weeks ago..

and suddenly,

 i'm a pet lover..

here's the story.....

in before,

in my sleep, in my dreams..

i always dream that...

i have pet.

and i love it so much.

one of it is a cat..maybe that kitten is the one from my dream which comes out to the real world.
hehehe. *whatever :P

last Saturday,

i went to a pet shop.

which have two owls.

my oh my...

i reallly love it.

feel like i want to pet it!

and... i also wanted to pet little turtle..

not just that....

i also feel like want to pet rabbit..

yes.because they are so adorable and cute.

not to forget...sugar glider is also part of my dream.

as my pet..

cos its so unique..


why suddenly i really love many pets at once?

i always dream of them.

weird.but true.

if i bought them all,my house will become a zoo!
don't forget to buy tickest to see them!

hahahaha kidding! :P

the only thing i don't want to pet is...


Sunday, February 26, 2012

cat in a box.


i still stay in the same box..

unlike others.




will there be sun shine after this rain?

if yes,



....................................... *silence


it's ok..

i'll keep waiting..


(Tuhan.. permudahkan lah perjalanan kami..)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Men who runs.

urrrhhhh...why am i lack of idea today..
i just dunno what to write!huhuhu.but i want to... hurm.

now i think i just share bout one of my fav variety show.

might be bored.but its blog,my writing..hehehe

it is...
Running Man.
most likeable variety me. hiks.

a variety show that i love to watch so damn much!
my most favourite variety show in this whole earth. hehehe..
for me,watching it is a must! :P
i collect until the latest episode,ep 82.
watched from the first episode!
haven't watch it yet.. still downloading...

there are 6 men who must run,
together with one ace lady..

Jong Kook.Kookie.Sparta Kook.
the strongest

Jae Suk.
he's funny. 
he's character really made me geli hati ^.^

Ha Dong Hoon.Haroro.
keep asking women guess to be his 'last love' in running man.

Ji Suk Jin.
most senior member.

Kwang Soo.
the youngest..
sometime act really weird.
like really dumb.hehe.


Song Ji Hyo-ace!
she's really something!
she's the only lady and she's always win!


Kang most fav member.
innocent act and super funny somehow.
especially when he tried to lie.
its so obvious that he lied.hehehe..

ok.thats all for now.
as i finished writing this.
running man ep 82 also finished downloading.
off now.
have a nice day.. :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Some shot of me.

capturing myself. while waiting for cuzzie trying clothes in the fittingroom.

heat map.





all edited using..
easy to use,user-friendly..
suitable for me. whom quite blur and stubborn to us adobe photoshop

(heart says: may our day filled with good fortunes and grace. :) )

Sunday, February 19, 2012

photo4fun on Sunday - Candy drops.

candy drops at mcd. :P

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

jambatan buluh.

i did share some photo of Kampung Budaya Sarawak or
Sarawak Cultural Village(SCV) before which i copy from google rite...
last week..i reaally went there.
not to jalan-jalan makan angin dan hirup udara segar yg nyaman..
but i was there bcos i sent my cuzzie and her friends.

but the good thing was...
i went there for free! hiks. suka :D
tapi tak lama pun kat situ..
lepas hantar diorang i need to go back home to settle my business.
jalan2 kejap,teman kan diorang,
pastu pulang.
tinggalkan diorang kat situ.

how i wish i can explore more there.
dah lama sangat tak jejak kaki kat situ.
last time i went there went i was 15.
tu pun ikut rombongan sekolah.
kalau x kerna rombongan sekolah,tak merasa la nak jejak kaki kat situ pun rasanya..
so masa pergi hari tu,
sempat lah ke rumah orang ulu, rumah bidayuh dan rumah iban. 3 je.
byk lagi yg x pergi.nak tgk persembahan apatah lagi

yang best,diorang jadikan tempat tu muzium hidup.
kalau masuk kat rumah2 tu,
ada orang yang tengah masak la, tengah buat kraftangan.
yang pakai baju traditional ikut kaum.
rasa macam mmg diorg tinggal kat situ.
mcm betul masuk rumah org kat kampung.
tak rasa masuk muzium semata.
rasa cam pergi ke zaman2 dulu pun ada gak.
hehehe..berangan lebih. :P

rindunya nak makan angin...
lama sangat tak holiday...
harap semakin hari semakin dimurahkan rezeki,Amin..nak kumpul2 duit,g holiday...
pergi somewhere else..out of sarawak..
rindunyaaaaa~.... teringinnyaaaaaa~.....

inside rumah iban.

jambatan buluh.

Monday, February 13, 2012

bukan boyan.

its quite a long time that we don't spend time together,dinner together.
since he has been super duper busy lately.
and i have been a super girl i think. i am super busy lately
when i got time,i need rest..same for him.

yesterday.both of us free.
he just finished his shooting.
so yesterday was the rite time to spend together.
finally! :D
so we went out to have dinner together.

first,i decided to eat at Kim bay at The hills.
but he didn't quite agree.
then he suggest to eat at Boyan.
but i didn't quite agree.
think think think and made a decision.
(why it always hard to decide where to eat?why??? :P )

and finally.
we both agree to eat at kim bay. not at Boyan.
i like!hehe
i have my fav dish at kimbay.
i like steamed rice with mushroom chicken & salted fish.
it taste sooo good. really.
my most fav now. super duper yummyh~

but i end up by eating steamed rice with beef and egg,something like that.
forgot the name.
i ordered it cos i want to try the different menu.
the taste was just made me quite frustrating.huhu =_=
but nevermind lah.its also rezeki. rite..
but next time... i will never ever order it again.

waiting for order.. oh.what am i looking at?

while waiting...

what elso can i do?


think think think...


i can take some photos.

table for two


and again.

last one.

ok. enough.

food just arrived!

now i want to...


Sunday, February 12, 2012

#3 photo-4-fun on Sunday - memory at Sematan

with cuzzies and siblings

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sepuluh Februari.

hari ni sepuluh februari.
kosong. kering idea nak share pasal apa.
cerita pasal sendiri je lah.
walaupun. boring.huhu.,i make my own holiday!!! weeehooo~
boleh goyang kaki tengok tv sepangjang hari.hiks :P
the advantage of being self-employed.
you can decide your own holiday.
any time you want,any time you wish. :D
been so busy lately,
not updating blog much.
and still.will be busy for the next coming day and daysssss..

don't have any plan to do today.
just rilex and wait and see for any planning.
i just cook crispy chicken and fish for my little brothers.
suddenly want to make chicken rice for them to eat together with the dishes.
but i cancel it. suddenly. feeling of making chicken rice suddenly went away.

lately.i really really feel like want to watch malay drama.
its kinda hot now rite.
like Gemersik Kalbu, Ariana Mikhail, Vanilla Coklat..
really want to watch them.. but i don't have  enough time.
only able to watch in youtube.
for now,i only watch Ariana Mikhail..
tu pun baru episod 3..huhu.

maybe i will go to SCV after this.
maybe will go, and maybe not.
i dunno.

what is SCV?
SCV is Sarawak Cultural Village or in malay 'Kampung Budaya'
antara tempat pelancongan yang ada kat sini.
near Pantai Damai.

let me show you some photos of SCV.

the entrance

melanau tall house

orang ulu house

with the view from air.

only a few. there's more ethnic houses actually.
only manage to found this in google.

source: google.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Langit Biru.

dengar. lalu suka.
dan  terpikat.

erm..tadi dengar lagu Langit Biru..
first time dengar,
terus terpikat. lalu teringat dia,
Langit biruku...
wahh ;)

i don't spend much time with 'him' lately..
due to his commitments ..
made me feel that...

i miss him.

so,dedicated this to 'him'.
wahh..tiba2. jiwangs.

Langit Biru

Ku lihat kau dari jauh termenung
ku cuba hampirimu, yang sedang kebingungan

Apa yang mengganggu fikiran
soal tiada noktah jawapan, lalu ku hulurkan tangan

Ikuti langkah ku menari
hilangkan lah resah di hati
Bangun dan terus lah menyanyi
bangkit lah, sedar dari mimpi

Lantas jauh kau kubawa, 
lenyap dari rasa kecewa
kulihat kau tersenyum... :)

Sedar jelasnya manusia
hidup ada naik dan turun
tapi kau harus terus bangun

Ikuti langkah ku menari
di sini lah waktu terhenti
yang berlalu biarkan pergi
kini kau tak sendiri lagi~.....

Ku dan Diri mu... 

kau dan aku...

kelangit biru bersamu
kan bersama..oh berdua..keakhirnya...

actually,ni lirik lagu Langit Biru by Asmidar.
baru tahu Asmidar dari fb.
cantek nama Asmidar. 
tapi tak sure Asmidar tu nama band ataupun vokalis dia..
terus like their page & dengar lagu Langit Biru..
melodi nya nice,easy listening.. suka. :)
and it comes with nice and lovely lyric.. bertambah suka :))

mahu tahu dan dengar melodinya?
tampal sekali lah video nya..
tengok jangan tak tengok...hiks ;)

Monday, February 6, 2012

My bed, My mess.

ohhh...what a nice and lovely day today...
today's weather so so niceeee..oh.i love!
today is public holiday! maulidur rasul.

last few days,i do went to survey2 for bed and it sets..
went with my mom, cuzzie and my bro.
choices here not bad at all..
and i found the canopy bed that i like!
it so damn expensive.
and my mom don't like it.

she always don't like what i like,and i always don't like what she like.
that was us. really.
so,i don't buy any bedroom furniture set yet..
cos waiting for the new stocks coming on march.maybe.
due to last CNY,many stocks already bought.

and yesterday i did some shopping..i like!hehehe.
bought some toiletries and pair of electric blue high heels.
my cuzzie treats me..hiks :) thanks sooo much to her..

this morning, i have my breakfast with 'him' at bimmers.
i ate Laksa Penang.. it was so nice! i  like laksa penang so muchhhh.
sedappppp sangat laksa penang kat fav....

rainy day in the morning... having laksa penang and hot tea...
oh.the bomb.

oh.i did mention in my previous previous post in 'This is My Bedroom' that i will share the photos of other corners of my bedroom.
rite? rite? they are...

my little messy room : my little world.

the red and the black.

garden or jungle?

'the aromas' place.

'the instuments' corner


'the messy' part.

oh.pls avoid the mess.
well. my bed, my mess.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Chicken Soup of my soul.

i love Friday..
oh..always love Friday..!!!

don't you? ;)
cos the day after Friday is Saturday! weehooo..!
the most relaxing day..

oh.i just cook Chicken Soup, 'of my soul' ;P
still in the pot now..
erm..dunno what to write actually.
now feeling like want to go shopping!
i need to survey some furniture and bedsheet.
for my new look bedroom ;)
hope i can found the most like-able and suitable for me at affordable price.

high price, but not reach my satisfaction.
i don't like.

reach my satisfaction, but price too high for me.
also don't like.

so,what did i like?


i think i like something like these...

i like the chandelier!
and the bedsheet!

nice wall colour!
and the tree! painted. also have chandelier!
much like! ;)

nice and cozy with many colourful cushions!

and i love the bed! 

oh. i want something like these...


i know the reality...

that its not easy to find it here,at my place..


with some little big hope (big but little? :P )

hope i can find something similar..or better..

or much differ than all these...

but also nice..

looks cozy..

and simple..


oh. i need to check my chicken soup rite now... 
have a nice day! ;)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time. 'tik tok'..

Time runs so fast!
it doesn't even wait..even for a while!
ehh..of course it will NEVER-EVER wait.

don't you guys feel like me,that time runs so fast?
just like tik tok tik tok tik tok...
and today is already 1st of February!
goodbye wave to January...

if it can be slower..
i hope i can capture every moment in my life..
to appreciate every single moment that i have,
with every wonderful people around me...
before i 'wave'.

but somehow i feel time getting slower.
sometime i feel it runs fast, but sometime i feel it move slower.. is it actually?what happened to me?

i think i know why..
like everyone would think and feel. maybe.
feel like it getting slower,
if i feel afraid or nervous to face something that you wish you wouldn't do.

feel like it getting slower,
when i'm waiting. doesn't matter waiting of what. waiting for food to cook perfectly,waiting for person, waiting to break the fast, especially.hehe..
it all feel sooo damn long.

feel like it getting slower,
when i feel so excited to have 'my big' day!
i feel like i can't wait! :D
when i'm thinking of making me feel like times move so slow like turtle..
will share bout my 'big day' here soon.don't decide yet when to share. just can say soon. ;)