Monday, February 6, 2012

My bed, My mess.

ohhh...what a nice and lovely day today...
today's weather so so niceeee..oh.i love!
today is public holiday! maulidur rasul.

last few days,i do went to survey2 for bed and it sets..
went with my mom, cuzzie and my bro.
choices here not bad at all..
and i found the canopy bed that i like!
it so damn expensive.
and my mom don't like it.

she always don't like what i like,and i always don't like what she like.
that was us. really.
so,i don't buy any bedroom furniture set yet..
cos waiting for the new stocks coming on march.maybe.
due to last CNY,many stocks already bought.

and yesterday i did some shopping..i like!hehehe.
bought some toiletries and pair of electric blue high heels.
my cuzzie treats me..hiks :) thanks sooo much to her..

this morning, i have my breakfast with 'him' at bimmers.
i ate Laksa Penang.. it was so nice! i  like laksa penang so muchhhh.
sedappppp sangat laksa penang kat fav....

rainy day in the morning... having laksa penang and hot tea...
oh.the bomb.

oh.i did mention in my previous previous post in 'This is My Bedroom' that i will share the photos of other corners of my bedroom.
rite? rite? they are...

my little messy room : my little world.

the red and the black.

garden or jungle?

'the aromas' place.

'the instuments' corner


'the messy' part.

oh.pls avoid the mess.
well. my bed, my mess.



eye_spy said...

coolest room!
now following your lovely blog :)

follow back? watching arj barker on channel one is getting me excited for this year's comedy festival!

Miss Anne said...

thanks.sure :)

KizZ said...

Avoiding the mess, bilik ni nampak cantik giler...siyes..

Miss Anne said...

bilik saya je cantik giler,tuan nya tidak??
hehehehe..kidding! ;)

terima kasih KizZ :)