Monday, February 20, 2012

Some shot of me.

capturing myself. while waiting for cuzzie trying clothes in the fittingroom.

heat map.





all edited using..
easy to use,user-friendly..
suitable for me. whom quite blur and stubborn to us adobe photoshop

(heart says: may our day filled with good fortunes and grace. :) )


YOUsoF said...

PICASA memang sangat friendly.. Sama macam fon Nokia.. ;D

Tapi yang bestnya pasal Photoshop, its unlimited. So rajin² la guna juga ye.. hehe

kelimutu said...

nice photo. yeah,, picasa is a simple photo editing software. :)

And ah ya, I just started my scrapbook business, dear.. Take a look the catalog on my blog and order it if you're interested. :)


Miss Anne said...

thank dear :) yeah..simple always better for me.hehehe..
waa..really?can't wait to see it.. i'll check it out! :)

Miss Anne said...

so true,specially made for me..hahahaha..
kannnn..dulu ada la blaja ckit2 edit guna photoshop..
skarang nak try edit guna photoshop,satu apa pun dh x ingat dah.huhu

kelimutu said...

hihi,, about the header, I just made a simple one. I got the font of my header from Miss Tina (you can check the link in my post)

aw, really? hihi, me too. I can't find the photo album with the black inside so I just use the white one. and for the pattern and ornament, I just print it my self. hihi,, do you mind to order those scrapbook from me? You free to request any theme you want. :)


kelimutu said...

hihi,, yeah. I'm addicted for those font too.. they're super cute.. :D

oh so you're from Malaysia?
whoah,that's gonna be so expensive.. :o
My friends is mostly don't really know what scrapbook is, so I have to introduce them first to attract the customer. But yeah, I like it because I love doing my new business. Scrapbook is a fun thing to do.
You can also made it yourself dear.. :)


kelimutu said...

hihi,, just share it with me if you finished your own scrapbook. mind to follow each other dear? :D


Leslie Quiros said...

Loveing your shoes! Thx for the lovely comment and definitely following on GFC... hope you can follow oo if you like mine :)

YOUsoF said...

Tutor kat youtube banyak je.. Slow² pun ok.. ;)

*Cerita suam² seram tu hanyalah mimpi mainan syaitan. hehe

kelimutu said...

great! hihi, just be sure you have much time to prepare it. ;)
oh, really? maybe I forgot about it. hihii.. :3

Miss Anne said...

eh.betul lah!i can also learn from youtube lah kan..
oooooo....ada gambar skali,tu lah ingatkan betul2..hehe

Miss Anne said...
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Miss Anne said...

thanks! i'm already following yours :)