Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Men who runs.

urrrhhhh...why am i lack of idea today..
i just dunno what to write!huhuhu.but i want to... hurm.

now i think i just share bout one of my fav variety show.

might be bored.but its blog,my writing..hehehe

it is...
Running Man.
most likeable variety me. hiks.

a variety show that i love to watch so damn much!
my most favourite variety show in this whole earth. hehehe..
for me,watching it is a must! :P
i collect until the latest episode,ep 82.
watched from the first episode!
haven't watch it yet.. still downloading...

there are 6 men who must run,
together with one ace lady..

Jong Kook.Kookie.Sparta Kook.
the strongest

Jae Suk.
he's funny. 
he's character really made me geli hati ^.^

Ha Dong Hoon.Haroro.
keep asking women guess to be his 'last love' in running man.

Ji Suk Jin.
most senior member.

Kwang Soo.
the youngest..
sometime act really weird.
like really dumb.hehe.


Song Ji Hyo-ace!
she's really something!
she's the only lady and she's always win!


Kang most fav member.
innocent act and super funny somehow.
especially when he tried to lie.
its so obvious that he lied.hehehe..

ok.thats all for now.
as i finished writing this.
running man ep 82 also finished downloading.
off now.
have a nice day.. :)


kelimutu said...

running man.. I know that garry and song ji hyo is the'monday couple' isn't it? I heard about this kinda variety show but never watch it exactly because I'm just too lazy to download it. :p
But maybe I watch it next time. thanks for sharing. :)


HopelessRomantic said...

omg awesome! i love running man tooo! i always stream though kshownow...theyre really awesome, they make the show seem like an action packed thriller!

Miss Anne said...

full with action,filled with so much joy and fun!hehe oh really.i stream using kshownow too! :)