Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Greyson Chance live in Kuching!

hehehe..not really a fan punnnn....
but its kinda fenomena in Kuching rite now...!
especially the school students rite here..! its a real big fenomena for them!

biasa lah kan,mmg evarage umur tu pun fans Greyson Chance..
kita tumpang sekaki je cause kita ada 2 tiket ke Birthday Invasion in Kuching!
tak sure lagi la nak pegi ke tak..
rasa malas nak pegi,tapi syg jugak ada tiket tapi tak pegi..

lagipun yang lest year punya i ada attend..
which last year's location was much better than this year..
tengok la macam mana,pegi tak Jumaat nanti..

Khamis pulak ada Autograph session with Greyson Chance..
wahhh..i tau ok~ dah macam big fans dah..hehehe..
tau dari fb of cos..rasa nak pegi pulak yang hari Khamis ni..
ingin nak tengok crowd & fans..mesti meriah..
since it will be held at The Spring Shopping Mall..
i think mesti ramai sangat yang datang
kuching people..see u there!! :P

Refresh the memory

i just wanna share my old photos,where my hair was short..
at that time,though i knew that my face look super big cos my hair was short, but i kinda love it!
easy to manage and save more on shampoo & conditioner!! brilliant!hehehe
especially hair manage part..
after shower,it wouldn't took longest time to dry my hair..
didn't blow with hairdryer was also fine..nice. but this will not apply with my long hair..huhuhu
urmmm...i miss short hair even it not so suitable for me..maybe,

here i am with my rambut pendek!!!
what a memories

what a memory...this is just after i cut my hair i it not coloured yet.

what a background! hehehe...

what a sweet memory.. ;) he just back from kl at this time..
i just love this photo so muchoss!! one of my favourite ever!
of course,i love my hair in this picture!! love the colour! 
miss it laaaaa~.. sobs.

opsss...its kinda messy here! hehehe..

from the back..
beautiful memory..he was just got back from kl after many months he stayed there.. :')

during graduation dinner at Majestic hotel Kuching..
my bestie willingly help me to blow my hair..thanks dear..oh.i miss her so muchh! 

with my of the best roomate ever! she's Nisa! 
she can be super funny and i really love to hear her story..miss her as well.. :(

after i looked back thru these pictures, tak da la teruk sangat i rambut pendek kan..??kan?kan?
Maybe. hehehe....
but my hubby don't like it i think...T___T
suddenly i miss my short hair!!! plus my coloured hair!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Aidil adha & birhthday! plus check-up..

Hari Jumaat lepas sambut hari raya haji plus birthday my cousin's daughter..kira niece lah rite..
really enjoy the day cos makan2 on that day was super yummy!!
u know what..bila dah petang tu,i regret i tak makan banyak tengah hari
i should eat moreeee!! makan sampai puas cos petang tu perut ni laparrrrr sangat..
& rasa ingin nak makan lagi those awesome menus..huhuhu..
tengah hari tu makan kari kambing with nasi minyak, ayam kfc, buah dabai since sekarang musim dabai, mix vege(yg paling regret x makan byk2..sobs), kari udang dan byk lagi dh tak ingat dah,..
deserts Pavlova which first time i taste it and i love it!!!
serta Cheesecake with Crackers which i made on my own..hehehe ;)

kalau nak order bagitau yer.. !!!

RM 70 ONLY ACUAN 8'X8' termasuk penghantaran
If Self-pickup,minus(-) RM5=RM65
Location: Around KUCHING only.. TQ :)

so after that my hubby bring me to my mom-in-law house to eat some more!!!
there i ate mee jawa and butter chicken..super yummy too! ni dah lama tak da gambar2 kan..boring kan..huhu
tapi hari  ni ada gambar ok..hehehehe..
credit to my kazen-kazen,copy from their's fb..
nak harapkan sendiri,entah bila nak ada gambar blog ni kan..hihi

birthday girl wants just blow the candle................

over a cute cake!!! it a teddy bear cake!

yeahh..birthday girl lebih layan makan jelly than take picture..hehehe
birthday girl with aunties and cousins..

with many presents!
plus preggy-lady as the background.. :P
dah besar tak perut i? nampak gemoksss kan..huhuhu

what a cute smile of a little girl :)
power puff girls pyjamas tu from me to her..
hope she loves it :)

me again as some background :)
kereta tu bapak birthday girl yang hadiahkan to her daughter..

i laugh~! hehehe

again! ;)

setelah menungguuuuuu sekian lamaaaaaaaaa...
aktiviti korban.akhirnya berjaya dijalan kan...pada waktu malam.
korban ni dibuat pada hari sabtu..

I makan banyakkk sangat on both day...rasa naik sangat2 berat badan..
tapi tadi check up kat klinik timbang kat situ, my current weight is 60 kg..
naik sekilo dari yg last check up..ok la tu kann..hehehehe

tadi masa checkup,buat scanning skali..
nampak jantung dia berdegup2..its very tiny,look cute  :)
overall me and my baby is healthy..Alhamdulillah :)
and hope forever will be..Ameen...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

esok raya haji!

time runs so fast!
esok raya haji dah.. cepatnya masa berlaluuuu..
semua my family member akan berkumpul kat rumah my uncle which his house sebelah rumah je,
berapa langkah je dah sampai.
selain sambut raya haji,esok sambut hari jadi my uncle's granddaughter si cute Fathehah who turns 2 years old...
sambut raya cum sambut birthday lah tomorrow..waaa..i think it must be fun!!

and today i will accompany my beloved cousin to shop..
she wants to buy pair of shoes for her to go to Bandung..
its Bandung ok...Bandung!
a place where i really want to go!!!!! *jealousmodeison
i Must go there one day..
i want to go to Bandung for holiday,shopping sepuas hati plus find awesome stuffs for business..Ameen :)
tetiba cakap pasal Bandung kann..hehe

Happy birthday dear Fathehah..
Selamat Hari Raya Haji buat semua.........! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rasa nak makan macam2! i get it how it feels when someone preggy. hiks!

sekarang ni, macam2 makanan yang diidamkan..

lets make the list!haha..

1. Kek batik mengikut resepi aunty Nani Rostam. dah saved dalam email resepi tu..anything yang aunty nani masak semuaaaanya nampak sedap sangat2! bila rasanya nak merasa masakan aunty ekk? *modeberangan.
 its ok,i'll make it my own by following aunty Nani's recipe..

 2.Laksa Sarawak. unstoppable.always love it..tapi boleh control lagi,sebab sini senang sgt nak dapat. cuma kalau satu mangkuk mmg rasa tak cukup,nak lagi..but still,i will buy single bowl only.

3.Oreo Cheesecake by Secret Recipe..yummy yummy~! dah makan aritu,but i'm craving for it again.

4. Western food such as spaghetti & pizza. but dont want pizza hut...nak pizza junction @flindersstation! kat Kuching ada,no big deals no big matter...

yang 'big matter' adalah....


Western food yang paling teringinnnnnn sangat nak makan sekarang ialah yang nun jauh di semenanjung!*sobs...which are Meatball kat Ikano yang super duper yummy the best in the world comes with gorgeous gravy ittew...huhuhu....can anyone buy for me pleaseeee??i'm craving badly for it rite now huhuhu...

but not only that,

Lasagna yang jual kat foodcourt klcc,kedai Milano tu pun i am craving so badly rite now... :( its super duper nice ok...dah cuba x? i always choose beef lasagna kat kedai kalau nak tabur cheese & serbuk cili tu tabur lah sepuas hati kau...its unlimited plus harga pun murah berbanding tempat2 lain..

mana nak terbang semata-mata nak makanan2 tu kan?

well,do u think that u're Oprah Winfrey?? * oh i wishhhhh..hiks!

how i wish someone can get me the foods...uwaaaaaa! *over T__T

Monday, October 22, 2012

thinking of...

i think i wanna rent my baju pengantin.
i think i wanna advertise it in a blog/more.
i think i will also post it here.

and about me,
i think i'm in blur now...dunno what to do..
urhhh..i think i need a camera! so i can be more serious into blogging.
too often with no pictures too boring for me,thats why i randomly update my blog..huhuhu

last 6th october,i went to Sabah with my love.. honeymoon ;)
have a really2 great time there. both of us just love Sabah!
Sabah sangat2 cantik!
we wish we can go there again some other time!
maybe next time pergi dh ada 'extra handbag' yang mesti kena bawak..thehehe...
pictures still in hp :(
will find ways to upload it here..
ada pictures baru la syok cerita panjang2 lagi kan..
hopefully those photos can be transfer to pc succesfully..
ohhhhhhhh.... how much i need a camera..i want a camera!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gain weight!

i gain weight quite a lot now..currently 59kg! the heaviest ever.. burp*
due to what?

its due to...

my pregnancy..!

yup,i'm pregnant now..haha. somehow i still not even believe it..
that i'm going to be a momma.
young momma ain't it... *wink!
still cant even imagine how it would be like after he's/she's born.
sometimes i feel like i'm too young to have one.thehee...
but there's nothing to worry lah. just go with the flow.
wait and see how will i handle it baby..!hehe

i am now 4 months+ of pregnancy!
hoping everything to be smooth and alright and nothing bad happen. Ameen.. :)