Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Refresh the memory

i just wanna share my old photos,where my hair was short..
at that time,though i knew that my face look super big cos my hair was short, but i kinda love it!
easy to manage and save more on shampoo & conditioner!! brilliant!hehehe
especially hair manage part..
after shower,it wouldn't took longest time to dry my hair..
didn't blow with hairdryer was also fine..nice. but this will not apply with my long hair..huhuhu
urmmm...i miss short hair even it not so suitable for me..maybe,

here i am with my rambut pendek!!!
what a memories

what a memory...this is just after i cut my hair i it not coloured yet.

what a background! hehehe...

what a sweet memory.. ;) he just back from kl at this time..
i just love this photo so muchoss!! one of my favourite ever!
of course,i love my hair in this picture!! love the colour! 
miss it laaaaa~.. sobs.

opsss...its kinda messy here! hehehe..

from the back..
beautiful memory..he was just got back from kl after many months he stayed there.. :')

during graduation dinner at Majestic hotel Kuching..
my bestie willingly help me to blow my hair..thanks dear..oh.i miss her so muchh! 

with my of the best roomate ever! she's Nisa! 
she can be super funny and i really love to hear her story..miss her as well.. :(

after i looked back thru these pictures, tak da la teruk sangat i rambut pendek kan..??kan?kan?
Maybe. hehehe....
but my hubby don't like it i think...T___T
suddenly i miss my short hair!!! plus my coloured hair!!

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