Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Car for rent in Kuching.. Kereta untuk di sewa Kuching atau Samarahan

Sesiapa yang memerlukan kereta sewa di Kuching atau Samarahan
boleh hubungi:
016-8682074 ( Encik Wan)

Kenderaan: SAGA FL 1.6, Automatik
Harga: RM120 satu hari

Jika memerlukan khidmat pemandu: RM 110 satu hari 
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Friday, June 14, 2013

smile of the day!

wide smile. just after she woke up this early morning...

Saturday, June 8, 2013

keep on dreaming anne !

i love dreaming aka berangans
cos it dont cost any dollars,even cents.
i have too many dreams and wishlists
like everybody does ;)

my current dream is this.......


keep on dreaming anne, who knows....

maybe not today,maybe one day....

Friday, June 7, 2013

falling like a winter

yup my major problem now
rambut gugur.
hair fall. badly.....
i think its because the effect lepas melahirkan
dunno what to do
this time is the worst
before this my hair never fall this bad huhuhuhu

last sunday.
we had dinner together, 
which food really really make us feel down.
not nice at all huhuhuhu

we went here with my cousin and all of our food not nice!!!
how could they cook like that

she's become very picky lately
she cry loudly! when someone unfamiliar bring her...
grown up process i think

and lately,
 instead of crying,she prefers screaming!!
and guess wht,
now i'm typing this
she's screaming!
like asking me to bring her up..

ok thats all..gonna go get her now

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The flower

Now she's 4 months old..
Just look back her pictures when she was smaller.. :-)

Monday, May 27, 2013

majlis perkahwinan my cousin

yesterday, wedding reception of my cousin.. Aliff and her wife Zaiton
was held at Pustaka in Kuching

as u can see, theme colour for family is orange!
i just realize its awesome when orenge is everywhere!
suddenly i fall in love with orange colour..hehehe...

the sisters.

its a very nice reception
love the color combination *color again hehehe...
the pelamin was pink and white, the family themed outfits is orange
for me that was fantastic combination
nice color to see and brighent the surrounding to look more ceria!

bride and groom with the girlssss... 

congrats to both of you!
moga kekal selamanya & bahagia selalu.....!!

Arianna not in the picture
she's not in a really good yesterday..huhuhu
become very picky of whom holding her...

yup. thats mean shes getting bigger and wiser of her surrounding...

Friday, May 17, 2013

my growing up lilttle girl

my little girl, Arianna
u grow up so fast
another 5 days, ure 4 months old
my little girl,
i love u so much 
(u and your daddy!) *hiks

my little girl,
momma feeling sad somehow
to think that im gonna miss this moment,
that u now a baby

my little girl,
i love taking care of u and play with u,
ur smile and ur laugh,
are my best medicine

it makes me feel like i want u to stay be a baby for a longest time,
but i know, it never be fair for you

my little girl,
be strong like u always do,
u..are a strong one,
i know.

my little girl,
momma always here for u.
though momma dont gain any money for the moment just to raise u up,
but momma is happy
as i raise u up on my own care,
ure always on my eyes 24/7,
it gives me the best feeling,ever.

my little girl,
momma and babah adore and love you very much
we always pray the best for you
stay cute and grow up well, Arianna! ;)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hello sunday!

Currently in kl

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy sunday!!

Moment with daugther

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

my instagram!

feel free to follow my instagram!

since dh ada daughter,plus she's still a baby

of cos la theres a lot of her pictures than me!!


my baby n i

she's 3 months 2 days today...
and next week
we will go to KL...again!

hope everything goes well & Arianna sentiasa sihat & well behaved

motif g KL kali ni?

shopping raya???

holiday semata mata???

cari apa yang boleh jual kat Kuching???

jalan jalan cari MAKAN???
Of coz baby!!!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Arianna with bff ;)

She's with her toys..
Now she already sleeping

Time runs fast..she's become bigger..
I think when she grow up,i'll definetely miss this moment..huhuuhu
Love u my daughter..

Stay healthy n happy my dear

Thursday, April 11, 2013

my current addiction.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

keek it! keek it!

waaaa..im currently addicted to Keek!
best laaaaa!
enjoy watching celebrities & bloggers video
hiks! ;)

lately, everynite i watched Keek on midnite before sleep

most trending now i think the video of Tomok's son "biasaaa dia ni"
its super funny.
a must to watch!

latest picture of Arianna
taken last nite before she slept
she's very playful last niten i did a littlebully on her
wrap he with the blanket,which she dont like it at all..
hiks  ;)

Monday, April 8, 2013

@wannearianna... our instagram!

i am new to technology,
unlike u guys..

we just have instagram ok..
as usual,its a sharing account..
my twitter,facebook also a sharing account
sharing it with my hubby

only this blog not a sharing one
its only me, the owner

arianna is 70 days today! 
Alhamdullah, she's healthy and easy to take care of :)
its still me who taking care of her 24/7!

she really loves it when we talking with her
loves to make bubble with her 'air liur'!
love to hear her daddy playing guitar.

she dont want pecifier,
but she loves my finger!
but she's not obsessed with it
and still fully direct breast feeding...

and here are some photos of us from instagram!

Arianna 69 days yesterday!

what we had for dinner last saturday nite!

our not so dating nite in kl.hehe
arianna slept in the hotel with my mom&dad
but my lil brothers follow us jalan2,

i really miss our dating time..

our little angle with her friend!

i do reaallly love these photossss...!
instagram did an awesome job.hikhikhik..

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Daugther with daddy

Rilexing with daddy after quite tiring trip to kl..hehe..

Monday, April 1, 2013

we're safely arrived :)

safely arrived at Kuching..
everything went well
Arianna well-behaved all the way we were in KL
just that i dont shopping too much
dunno why..not really in a shopping mood as i expected
maybe cos we will fly again to KL on may
that time i think my shopping mood will really on
shopping raya lah kannnn..

little Arianna and I

what i gained much in KL is



hopefully i can control my eating
it getting worst now!
now makan banyak but cepat sangat lapar..
bahayaaa tuu..


Monday, March 25, 2013

first time..

off to KL by malindo.

first time fly using malindo air
for the first time Arianna on flight
for the first time for me bringing baby on flight!

new experience for me with baby in the flight
new experience for me with baby on holiday

hopefully everything will be alrite..

hopefully Arianna will well-behaved and always in good health
i still can enjoy shopping and window shopping with baby by my side! hikhik..

Sunday, March 24, 2013

no words can describe..

stay healthy

stay happy 

stay loving

stay caring

stay with me,
our daughter forever k...

i love you so much sayang

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

24hours 7days she's stick with me..

sorry for the late update..
taking care of my daugther full time now..
24/7 she's with me!

so, i give her direct brestfeed all the time she want it, 
even we're going out to shopping mall or restaurant
at first, i dont feel comfortable and feel unease..at all 

but now,
i enjoy and love it!
no more problem or unease feeling 
when i need to go to nursing room to feed her and change her diaper.

i getting adapt being a mom
 i love being a mom


actually, and i feel much much happier after my confinement...
dunno why.....



dislike(almost HATE!)


only god knows how i feel during the confinement


maybe because i am not ready since i delivered my baby 2 weeks++ earlier than her due date

and more reasons why i don't like my confinement

especially my emotions, it was very unstable during confinement

and i totally depending on my hubby (he really helped me & my baby a lot. am so thankful for that)

and when he's busy no body taking care of me and my baby

everybody's working

but i am thankful that early in the morning my sis came to lend some help

she apply oil on my body and showers Arianna

but now, i am healthier



(many reasons why i dont like confinement,should i share or not huh??)


after her Aqiqah & cukur jambul on 2.3.2013..
hair already shaved

our last weekend

seafood time!
at Topspot.
most famous seafood station in Kuching town

 i can eat seafood after my confinement
at last!

but the not so good thing is that my selera makan now macam lebih over dari masa preggy dulu!
how mehh?
me worry..... :\

being a good girl, my daugther tido je sepanjang i makan
she wake up just after i finished eating
good girl Arianna

Monday, March 4, 2013

when she's smile!

senyum dalam tido



today's age : 42 days

Sunday, March 3, 2013



Friday, February 22, 2013

amazing! Baby Swimming 3 months to 16 months!

can we train this to Arianna?

cute! gerammm!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 1 - Sharifah Arianna

just after her delivery

today she's 23 days

i'm still in confinement
cant wait to end it!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

berpantang mode

with my lil daughter

about berpantang mode,
i kinda really dont like it!
really hope dat time runs fast!

Monday, January 28, 2013

my daughter, the flower :')

Sharifah Arianna bt Wan Abdul Nasser

Photo: sharifah arianna

safely born on 22 January 2013
12:37 pm
normal delivery


Thursday, January 17, 2013

memory of 2012 :) #1

wanne's memory of 2012

Monday, January 14, 2013

makin sarat dah..

my expected preggy due date is getting near
mmg lain dah rasa sekarang, tak macam 1 month yang lepas
sekarang mmg rasa makin sarat
kalau berjalan tu ok lagi,but a bit cepat letih..
 kalau duduk tu mmg tak dapat lama
kalau nak duduk lama kena menyandar
atau paling ok,baring je

but i do enjoyed every each moments..
sebab bulan depan dah tak rasa lagi dah semua ni,
cos he or she already comes out of my tummy!!! *excited!
so, walaupun a bit painful & rasa tak selesa over my own body right now
i accept  it..

selalu jugak tepikir how would my life be after the delivery of my baby
what will stay the same, and what will be the different
yang part different tu, will i can accept it...
or will it take time to me accept it...
for sure byk yang berubah bila dah ada baby nanti
i hope i will be much more exciting i our life!

dah ada baby nanti dah tak boleh nak bangun lewat macam sekarang ni
so now i'm enjonying my last moments untuk bangun lewat! :P
tadi 11 am baru bangun ok!
and i should be ready to accept maybe nanti kena selalu bangun tengah2 malam
need to be ready for that 
and i hope it will not be bad at all
Ameen :)

harap nanti semua berjalan lancar,
kelahiran & saat melahirkan pun lancar

some shopping belum buat lagi ni,
eh. not some, its more than some! hehehe
but i sabar je,its ok
kalau ada yang tak sempat beli nanti
w.a.n la kena tolong my baby and me shopping of cos

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

dua bad news... :(

pagi tadi, my lil bro bangun kan i
tiba2 tanya ada tak i guna laptop my another lil bro
i cakap takda
pastu dia ketuk lagi sekali
tanya ada tak w.a.n guna, i cakap takda

u know what? 
laptop tu hilang kena curi!!!
pencuri tu curi dari tingkap bilik dia!
kat tingkap tu ada meja, dan dia pulak letak taptop atas meja tu
pastu pulak tido tak tutup tingkap
can u imagine??!!
mmg salah dia sendiri lah kan...
actually last week dah i pesan dia,kalau tido tu tingkap tutup lah sebab takut laptop kena curi sebab letak tepi tingkap
tapi degil, confident sangat yang laptop tu tak dapat lepas grill tingkap rumah
sekali betul2 apa yang i cakap tu terjadi
tak boleh nak salah kan sesiapa dah..
memang salah sendiri
learnt from own mistake lah kan

bad news kedua pulak,
berkaitan dengan i sendiri
tadi pegi klinik check bh-kepekatan darah
u know what?
\masih kurang darah 
so sad........... :(
now its 9.8, before this its 9.4
kadar yang sepatutnya is 11
tak ke jauh tu... 
padahal hari2 i makan hati ayam,telur,sayur dan ikan...
why so hard aaaa

kena double portion la hati ayam dan makanan zat besi ni
kena lagiiiii banyakkkkkk dari sebelum ni
wish me luck k

nampak apa yang saya nampak?


Monday, January 7, 2013

Kolagen Asli boleh dapatkan di sini! serta cara-cara merebusnya :)

Good News! Berita baik untuk korang! ;)

Pure Marine Collagen atau bahasa melayu nya
Kolagen Asli..
pada sapa yang tercari- cari
korang boleh dapatkan di sini!

Yang belum pernah dengar pasal Kolagen asli ni
Sekarang I bagitau k ;)

Kolagen Asli ni merupakan rumpai laut kering
 yang mempunyai kandungan Kolagen yang sangat tinggi 
sehinggakan........ia juga digelar dengan nama Ibu Kolagen!
Kalau dah digelar Ibu Kolagen tu memang ternyata lah kan
 betapa tinggi nya khasiat kolagen yang ada pada Kolagen Asli ni.

memperkenal kan Kolagen Asli..

ni rupa dia.......... :)

tapi bukan makan mentah-mentah gini ok!
ada proses nya.. 
tak susah pun..mudah jerrrr

Ada beberapa langkah nak memasak Kolagen Asli ni....

Langkah 1
Kolagen Asli ni kena cuci dan dibersihkan sebersih-bersihnya
Untuk apa?
Untuk buangkan sulfur garam laut & pasir..
Caranya sama macam kita cuci beras sebelum masak nasi..
mudah je kan? :)

Pastu boleh la korang rendam Kolagen Asli ni semalaman..
Pastu, keesokan harinya Kolagen Asli ni jadi kembang,
 korang boleh la cuci lagi beberapa kali lagi sebelum merebusnya....

Langkah 2
Masa merebus tu, kalau tak nak ada bau-bau hanyir,
masukkan la sekali beberapa helai daun pandan k
dalam 3 helai camtu pun ok..

Korang kena guna periuk besar untuk merebus kolagen ni.

Untuk sebungkus penuh Kolagen Asli,
korang perlukan 2 liter air untuk merebus kolagen ni.

Kalau nak rebus separuh bungkus je,
1 liter air je lah lah k..

Langkah 3
Masa Kolagen Asli yang direbus dah mendidih serta berbuih,
jangan ditinggalkan ok!

takut mendidih sampai melimpah keluar pulak rebusan kolagen tu
so,kita kena la monitor agar tak melimpah rebusan tu
tu lah the reason why kena guna periuk besar klau nak merebus kolagen ni

Lepas dah cair Kolagen asli tu, dah sebati dengan air
Boleh la matikan api tu..

Langkah 4
Kolagen Asli akan bertukar tekstur menjadi
cecair yang macam melekit-lekit

Pastu, masukkan Kolagen Asli ke dalam container mana yang korang nak simpan kolagen ni
Pastu, masukkan je dalam peti ais

Masa dah sejuk dalam peti ais, tekstur Kolagen Asli akan bertukar menjadi jelly macam yang kat bawah ni!

Langkah Terakhir

Kolagen Asli yang dah jadi jelly, 
korang boleh ambil 2-3 sudu (sehari) pastu campurkan dalam air berperisa yang sejuk kegemaran korang..

kalau nak makan gitu je jelly ni pun bolehhhhh,
takda masalah :)

Kalau korang yang jenis macam I ni....
 yang taktau la kenapa takut sangat nak makan barang2 yang dalam 
bentuk tablet atau pil plus kalau tau ada campur chemical pulak tu,
boleh la cuba Kolagen Asli ni..

its 100% a natural product...
rasa sangat selamat & tak was-was nak makan

Kalau berminat, 
RM 36

Lagi satu berita baik!
Sepaket ni boleh pakai sampai sebulan tau....!
RM 36 untuk sebulan, tak mahal & tak membazirkan wang punnnn
jimat dan tak membazir + produk semulajadi = Such a great Investment!!

Semananjung - RM 6 (for the first 500g)
**Additional RM 2 for the next 250g

Sabah & Sarawak - RM 9 (for the first 500g)
**Additional RM 3 for the next 250g

Kalau berminat, email..


SMS: 016 8878472 (Nurain)


Saturday, January 5, 2013

saturday funny troll ;)

hello hello mr mosquito
which flavour would u prefer??
hehehe ;)

Friday, January 4, 2013

4 januari dah.. :)

cepat nya masa berlalu..2013 pun dah 4 hari dah!
lately tak da pegi mana2 pun..
rasa makin tak larat dah
perut rasa makin berat & besarrrrr!
 pastu cepat sakit pinggang..
sabar je lah kan..

esok sabtu, tak da apa plan lagi
ahad maybe ke birthday party my nephew
hope dpt attend lah
kalau kena sakit pinggang mmg tak sanggup nak pegi mana2
seluruh badan rasa tak kena kalau sakit pinggang..huhuhu
hopefully i'm getting better lah
rasanya lately badan rasa mcm tak kena cos 
baby dlm perut nak makin membesar rasanya..

pasal barang baby,tak beli apa lagi
pasal baju tak risau sangat cos my sis ada bagi baju anak dia dulu
still nampak baru & cantik!
so barang keperluan lah yang kena beli ni
set bersalin pun tengah pikir nak guna yang tradisional or yang Tanamera tue
rasanya nak guna yang tradisional lah
tapi kalau susah nak cari, guna yang Tanamera lah

tak tau apa lagi nak share, nak g mandi ni hehehehe
salam jumaat :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

one month plus left...

my due date getting near........
one month plus left!
nervous semakin terasa huhuhu...
hopefully everything gonna be alrite,
 harap senang la nak melahirkan nanti

tido malam slalu mimpi pasal baby,
ermmm... first time experience, tu yang nervous semacam kot
harap2 tak de apa2 lah
harap dapat bersalin normal & senang nak melahirkan


one month plus left
bunyi macam lama..
tapi kalau kira hari, tak lama ok...

next week kena g check Hb-kepekatan darah
hopefully ada peningkatan, tak kurang macam sebelum ni

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

new year's eve! bye 2012...

some happy moments for the last night of 2012

as usual, my big family having a family party!
our family annual event. its a Must!
i'm on the left..look how big am i now!huhu~

i'm with my lovely cuz ;)

the active and 'kamceng' little girls

my cousins

my sporting uncle


happy 2013~~!!!
may it brings more love, happiness, prosperity and good health for us! Ameen :)