Friday, June 7, 2013

falling like a winter

yup my major problem now
rambut gugur.
hair fall. badly.....
i think its because the effect lepas melahirkan
dunno what to do
this time is the worst
before this my hair never fall this bad huhuhuhu

last sunday.
we had dinner together, 
which food really really make us feel down.
not nice at all huhuhuhu

we went here with my cousin and all of our food not nice!!!
how could they cook like that

she's become very picky lately
she cry loudly! when someone unfamiliar bring her...
grown up process i think

and lately,
 instead of crying,she prefers screaming!!
and guess wht,
now i'm typing this
she's screaming!
like asking me to bring her up..

ok thats all..gonna go get her now

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