Tuesday, March 19, 2013

24hours 7days she's stick with me..

sorry for the late update..
taking care of my daugther full time now..
24/7 she's with me!

so, i give her direct brestfeed all the time she want it, 
even we're going out to shopping mall or restaurant
at first, i dont feel comfortable and feel unease..at all 

but now,
i enjoy and love it!
no more problem or unease feeling 
when i need to go to nursing room to feed her and change her diaper.

i getting adapt being a mom
 i love being a mom


actually, and i feel much much happier after my confinement...
dunno why.....



dislike(almost HATE!)


only god knows how i feel during the confinement


maybe because i am not ready since i delivered my baby 2 weeks++ earlier than her due date

and more reasons why i don't like my confinement

especially my emotions, it was very unstable during confinement

and i totally depending on my hubby (he really helped me & my baby a lot. am so thankful for that)

and when he's busy no body taking care of me and my baby

everybody's working

but i am thankful that early in the morning my sis came to lend some help

she apply oil on my body and showers Arianna

but now, i am healthier



(many reasons why i dont like confinement,should i share or not huh??)


after her Aqiqah & cukur jambul on 2.3.2013..
hair already shaved

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