Monday, April 8, 2013

@wannearianna... our instagram!

i am new to technology,
unlike u guys..

we just have instagram ok..
as usual,its a sharing account..
my twitter,facebook also a sharing account
sharing it with my hubby

only this blog not a sharing one
its only me, the owner

arianna is 70 days today! 
Alhamdullah, she's healthy and easy to take care of :)
its still me who taking care of her 24/7!

she really loves it when we talking with her
loves to make bubble with her 'air liur'!
love to hear her daddy playing guitar.

she dont want pecifier,
but she loves my finger!
but she's not obsessed with it
and still fully direct breast feeding...

and here are some photos of us from instagram!

Arianna 69 days yesterday!

what we had for dinner last saturday nite!

our not so dating nite in kl.hehe
arianna slept in the hotel with my mom&dad
but my lil brothers follow us jalan2,

i really miss our dating time..

our little angle with her friend!

i do reaallly love these photossss...!
instagram did an awesome job.hikhikhik..

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