Friday, May 17, 2013

my growing up lilttle girl

my little girl, Arianna
u grow up so fast
another 5 days, ure 4 months old
my little girl,
i love u so much 
(u and your daddy!) *hiks

my little girl,
momma feeling sad somehow
to think that im gonna miss this moment,
that u now a baby

my little girl,
i love taking care of u and play with u,
ur smile and ur laugh,
are my best medicine

it makes me feel like i want u to stay be a baby for a longest time,
but i know, it never be fair for you

my little girl,
be strong like u always do,
u..are a strong one,
i know.

my little girl,
momma always here for u.
though momma dont gain any money for the moment just to raise u up,
but momma is happy
as i raise u up on my own care,
ure always on my eyes 24/7,
it gives me the best feeling,ever.

my little girl,
momma and babah adore and love you very much
we always pray the best for you
stay cute and grow up well, Arianna! ;)

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