Monday, October 22, 2012

thinking of...

i think i wanna rent my baju pengantin.
i think i wanna advertise it in a blog/more.
i think i will also post it here.

and about me,
i think i'm in blur now...dunno what to do..
urhhh..i think i need a camera! so i can be more serious into blogging.
too often with no pictures too boring for me,thats why i randomly update my blog..huhuhu

last 6th october,i went to Sabah with my love.. honeymoon ;)
have a really2 great time there. both of us just love Sabah!
Sabah sangat2 cantik!
we wish we can go there again some other time!
maybe next time pergi dh ada 'extra handbag' yang mesti kena bawak..thehehe...
pictures still in hp :(
will find ways to upload it here..
ada pictures baru la syok cerita panjang2 lagi kan..
hopefully those photos can be transfer to pc succesfully..
ohhhhhhhh.... how much i need a camera..i want a camera!!!


sepet a.k.a zack_u said...

*komen tak de kene mengena dengan entry, haha! Nanti bagi alamat eh.. nanti bagi alamat yeah =)

Anne mahli said...

alamat untuk apa sepet? heheehe