Friday, February 3, 2012

Chicken Soup of my soul.

i love Friday..
oh..always love Friday..!!!

don't you? ;)
cos the day after Friday is Saturday! weehooo..!
the most relaxing day..

oh.i just cook Chicken Soup, 'of my soul' ;P
still in the pot now..
erm..dunno what to write actually.
now feeling like want to go shopping!
i need to survey some furniture and bedsheet.
for my new look bedroom ;)
hope i can found the most like-able and suitable for me at affordable price.

high price, but not reach my satisfaction.
i don't like.

reach my satisfaction, but price too high for me.
also don't like.

so,what did i like?


i think i like something like these...

i like the chandelier!
and the bedsheet!

nice wall colour!
and the tree! painted. also have chandelier!
much like! ;)

nice and cozy with many colourful cushions!

and i love the bed! 

oh. i want something like these...


i know the reality...

that its not easy to find it here,at my place..


with some little big hope (big but little? :P )

hope i can find something similar..or better..

or much differ than all these...

but also nice..

looks cozy..

and simple..


oh. i need to check my chicken soup rite now... 
have a nice day! ;)


Suvarna Gold said...

hi cutie
do you mean how to convert pics in a gif or..what do you mean ^^
and thaaaank U

HeyDahye said...

Those rooms are amazing!!

Miss Anne said...

hi :) i mean of how did you do the changes of the picture at one time in a single picture..
looks like you combining 3 photos in 1 picture.your "step-by-step" photo.
do you get me?hehe..
tell me if you don't :)

Miss Anne said...