Monday, February 13, 2012

bukan boyan.

its quite a long time that we don't spend time together,dinner together.
since he has been super duper busy lately.
and i have been a super girl i think. i am super busy lately
when i got time,i need rest..same for him.

yesterday.both of us free.
he just finished his shooting.
so yesterday was the rite time to spend together.
finally! :D
so we went out to have dinner together.

first,i decided to eat at Kim bay at The hills.
but he didn't quite agree.
then he suggest to eat at Boyan.
but i didn't quite agree.
think think think and made a decision.
(why it always hard to decide where to eat?why??? :P )

and finally.
we both agree to eat at kim bay. not at Boyan.
i like!hehe
i have my fav dish at kimbay.
i like steamed rice with mushroom chicken & salted fish.
it taste sooo good. really.
my most fav now. super duper yummyh~

but i end up by eating steamed rice with beef and egg,something like that.
forgot the name.
i ordered it cos i want to try the different menu.
the taste was just made me quite frustrating.huhu =_=
but nevermind lah.its also rezeki. rite..
but next time... i will never ever order it again.

waiting for order.. oh.what am i looking at?

while waiting...

what elso can i do?


think think think...


i can take some photos.

table for two


and again.

last one.

ok. enough.

food just arrived!

now i want to...



kelimutu said...

you sure have a good time..
thank's for your lovely comment. sure,, I'm following yours now. follow back, okay? :)

Garten Paradise

Wawa Tasliman said...

yes! same with me always hard to decide where and what to eat.. haih!

Miss Anne said...

i did..hehe..thanks to you too dear :)

Miss Anne said...

hehehe..kannnn! antara benda yang paling susah nak decide lah..pas pikir2,end up makan tempat yg sama dgn menu yg berulang. =_=

Vivid Virginia said...

Such a good time and tasty food.. Cool! :)