Friday, February 10, 2012

Sepuluh Februari.

hari ni sepuluh februari.
kosong. kering idea nak share pasal apa.
cerita pasal sendiri je lah.
walaupun. boring.huhu.,i make my own holiday!!! weeehooo~
boleh goyang kaki tengok tv sepangjang hari.hiks :P
the advantage of being self-employed.
you can decide your own holiday.
any time you want,any time you wish. :D
been so busy lately,
not updating blog much.
and still.will be busy for the next coming day and daysssss..

don't have any plan to do today.
just rilex and wait and see for any planning.
i just cook crispy chicken and fish for my little brothers.
suddenly want to make chicken rice for them to eat together with the dishes.
but i cancel it. suddenly. feeling of making chicken rice suddenly went away.

lately.i really really feel like want to watch malay drama.
its kinda hot now rite.
like Gemersik Kalbu, Ariana Mikhail, Vanilla Coklat..
really want to watch them.. but i don't have  enough time.
only able to watch in youtube.
for now,i only watch Ariana Mikhail..
tu pun baru episod 3..huhu.

maybe i will go to SCV after this.
maybe will go, and maybe not.
i dunno.

what is SCV?
SCV is Sarawak Cultural Village or in malay 'Kampung Budaya'
antara tempat pelancongan yang ada kat sini.
near Pantai Damai.

let me show you some photos of SCV.

the entrance

melanau tall house

orang ulu house

with the view from air.

only a few. there's more ethnic houses actually.
only manage to found this in google.

source: google.


Ain Atika Zailani said...

Wahhh cantiknya tempat ni...

Joellen said...

Love your blog, I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch, I love finding new blogs! xoxo

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