Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time. 'tik tok'..

Time runs so fast!
it doesn't even wait..even for a while!
ehh..of course it will NEVER-EVER wait.

don't you guys feel like me,that time runs so fast?
just like tik tok tik tok tik tok...
and today is already 1st of February!
goodbye wave to January...

if it can be slower..
i hope i can capture every moment in my life..
to appreciate every single moment that i have,
with every wonderful people around me...
before i 'wave'.

but somehow i feel time getting slower.
sometime i feel it runs fast, but sometime i feel it move slower.. is it actually?what happened to me?

i think i know why..
like everyone would think and feel. maybe.
feel like it getting slower,
if i feel afraid or nervous to face something that you wish you wouldn't do.

feel like it getting slower,
when i'm waiting. doesn't matter waiting of what. waiting for food to cook perfectly,waiting for person, waiting to break the fast, especially.hehe..
it all feel sooo damn long.

feel like it getting slower,
when i feel so excited to have 'my big' day!
i feel like i can't wait! :D
when i'm thinking of making me feel like times move so slow like turtle..
will share bout my 'big day' here soon.don't decide yet when to share. just can say soon. ;)


Bravoe Runway said...

Good luck Miss Anne! I'm sure this big day is very exciting and sometimes when we look forward to something it feels like it takes even longer to get there! Love your blog and the colourful keys! Hope you'll stop by and maybe we can follow each other :)

Jasmin said...

amazing blog!


Miss Anne said...

thank you Bravoe Runway!
yeaa,,i can't even wait to have my big day!hehehe
sure..i'll follow yours :)

Miss Anne said...

thanks dear :)