Friday, January 20, 2012

This is My Bedroom

this is my bedroom!
my bedroom is part of my love! i guess.
feel so damn cozy...
like the best place ever! to me. of cos :)

to me,a bedroom should be the place that i love and like the most.
the best place, to relax my mind and my soul and my body.
like a therapy.

everytime i went in my room, i will feel so comfortable.
i will feel like don't want to go anywhere.
feel like i want to do everything in my room,
from watching movie from lappy,online,lying down and sleep (of course lah rite)
even sometime i would like to eat in my room!hehehe
then my whole bedroom smells like the foooood~
then i need to light some candle and drop some perfume-for-room(forgot the name.) in water,
to scent to my bedroom so it will wangiii kembali.... ;)


the thing is,
i will really really miss this so much. sobs :'(
bcos everything need to change.due to some reason.
from wall colors, bedsheet,curtain. just EVERYTHING.
how sad....huhu.
i just hope that the new decoration and renovation will be something better than now!
hopefully my next bedroom decoration will be prettier and better and nicer and cozier than now.. :D


this is my room now..

in my room, everyday is Raya. 

simple.but i love it so much. 

the wall is painted by my love.

the most special thing is that....
the whole wall was fully painted... by 'him'!!!
from the bedsheest, the colourful lamp,the curtain, even the decos which photos not taken yet, 
all were chose by 'him'!

thankyou so much dear love...
thats so meaningful and special to me...  :')
now u know thats why i love this deco so much.

and its kinda hard for me to accept the new look.
cos i love this so much.
but i no need to worry to much.
cos the new decoration and renovation will also made by, 'him'.
hehe :D

oh.i just realised that the photo that i'm taken only the view from the bed corner.
forgot to snap from other corners.
other corners have different painting.

maybe i can share other corners photo next time yaa..
2 times of hari raya my bedroom in this red color with those paintings.
what will it be for next raya? 
how will it look?
will be re-deco and renovate in the next few months from now.maybe.
but feel nervous suddenly..huhu.whatever. 


Anonymous said...

Like you said it is simple but it looks very nice. Love the color and the lights. Maybe we can follow each other?

Miss Anne said...

thanks..! sure,i'll follow yours :)

Nesa said...

The carpet looks very matching with the wall paint... lovely..

The Violin Style said...

Wow, this is co cool. Your room is nice and origianal - love it! :)
Joanna from

PS. Check out my new outfit with Picasso thighs in Black Milk style ;)
If you like it follow me via GFC. I'll be happy to follow you back ;)

Miss Anne said...

Nese: thanks :) but it won't look like that anymore in few months later.huhu

The Violin Style: prob.. :)

Sandwich de Dinausore said...

Nice !


Miss Anne said...

Sandwich de Dinausore: thank you :D