Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Cinema.

i did mentioned that i wanted to watch movie at cinema for maybe today but tomorrow.
but..today and yesterday i did't went to cinema..sobs :'(
i was clueless to watch which movies..
no movies kinda interesting to me and suits my taste.
so, to avoid wasting money, i'm not watching any movie and i don't go to cinema!
even shopping mall,i don't go!
cos so many shops closed during cny..
so i am spending more time at home these two days.
which was better. i think.

but at home i'm not totally doing nothing.
i'm quite busy at home.
surveys something for a 'big thing'..hint* :P
gonna tell later.
dunno when. ;)

hope i can have a traditional body massage at a village in the time near by.
maybe next month, or the other month.
feeling so nervous ok. it quite scary.
the massage really hurt. but it is really good for body.
hopefully after the massage my body can get better as usual or even better..!
a little scared actually. huhu... cos the massage kinda hurt!
oh.doing the massage only it hurts like hell.
like hurt so much! really.
after massage,you'll never feel anywhere even.
but you'll feel so so much better! really.

oh.its still early now.
i'm already feel so sleepy.. 

happy chinese new year and good night.

(heart says: hope to have a better day for tomorrow and days after & murah rezeki selalu  :) )

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