Sunday, January 22, 2012

#1 Photo 4 Fun on Sunday!

editing for fun! 
wish can be continue every Sunday.hopefully i'll do..
cannot promise.hiks :p

oh. i'm using picnik. cos the premium is free now!
due to picnik web closing on this coming April.
i don't want to miss using the free premium.
so edit one of the photo of my lovely cousin's gradution..

the photo is so last year.....
but the editing fresh as orange.. ;)

me,cuzzies,lil bro and 'him'
happy together 

tomorrow is CNY! Gong Xi Fa Cai!
and enjoy your holiday!!!

love, miss anne.


Suvarna Gold said...

I love your Blog soo much.Cute colours and lovely photos !

Miss Anne said...

thank you Suvarna Gold! i love yours too! there's many creative photos in your blog :)

Suvarna Gold said...

yes I love that dress too.its crazy and cute <3

la tiquismiquis said...

this looks so funny, you have a sweet familiy.

your blog is adorable, i keep following. :)

la tiquismiquis