Friday, January 27, 2012

Eat-a-lot on weekends.

a day before chinese new year.
i went out with 'him.
then we decided to have lunch together.
most difficult thing went we want to go lunch is always....
'where do we want to have lunch..'
why so hard to decide where to lunch.
especially, me.

then i think and think and think.
and i feel like want to eat chicken rice at Singapore Chicken Rice.
so,we went there..
as i entered the restaurant.
i was kinda like.. "waaa..CNY is so soon..oh, its the day after tomorrow!"
this was because there's so many CNY decorations in the restaurant.
its everywhere!
which i like!
cos suddenly i feel like... i'm in China..
wahh.haha. :D

i'm in china.
oops..stop dreaming. :P

this girl wants to eat something kinda Chinese style.

Roasted Chicken Rice, Salted Fish Bean Sprout, Black Pepper Fish.
for two tummy only!

what i like about SCR.. they always have promotional drink that comes together with the Chicken rice.
its seasonal. every month have different promotion drink i guess.
this month Lime Drink is the promotion drink.i like!
these mean that you only have to add 50 sen for the drink! cheap. rite? 
good good savings! hehe..

the glass also big. mmg puas hati..
boleh senyum lenggang perut senang hati bila keluar dari restaurant ni :D

On Sunday,i went to my little cuzzie birthday party.
was celebrated at Marrybrown.
not many photos taken.cos i was so so hungryyyy...
before i went to the bday party, me and my mom busy finding presents for the bday girl.
its quite tiring..and we don't eat at all until we arrived here.its about 3pm!
i never had lunch that late now.thats made me too hungry i think.huhuhu.

the birthday party overall was really fun!
when i saw those kids playing games somehow i wish i could be a cute little kid again.
fun right life as a kid. no worries bout any problem.
just enjoying their self playing here and there.
oh.i want!

can u see the birthday girl? 
the one in the middle with the white dress and headband :)

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Toni said...

Looks really yummy! :)

Toni von FAIBLE