Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh my Dior. I'm addicted to you

ni cerita last night..
lepas niaga trus g dinner.
tak lapar pun tapi suka nak menghabiskan masa,membuang waktu. eh?
kat situ makan lemon chicken rice. kat Samarahan.
takda la sedap sangat tapi ok la dan berbaloi dengan harga nya rm4.5 saja..
tapi sepatutnya i order canai je.
sebab mmg tak lapar langsung.
tak tau la kenapa order nasi.
lama jugak la lepak situ ngan 'him'.
sementara i nak fetch my dad kat airport.
my dad sampai Kuching lebih kurang dalam pukul 11mlm..

Lepas ambik my dad,sampai rumah.
Suddenly my dad gave me something!
and i asked my dad "what's this?"
dad just say "perfume..."
then i quickly said "thank you!"

oh.masa tu i dah senyum sampai telinga.
tapi i keep guessing perfume apa yang my dad kasi..
teruja.dan terus masuk bilik.
terus keluarkan kotak perfume..
than i was like "oh no...what a wish come true!"
don't know why if i suddenly get something that i really want to have,
without the person know that i really what to have it.
i really feel like my wish had come true!
it is. rite? or not? =__=
nvm,i still feel very very happy! :D
thanks so much,dad!
iloveyou! gave me set of Dior perfumes!!!
do u know,that was what i wish since i was in secondary school!
but never had chance to buy it anymore when i finished school..
cos in Kuching i think there's no more Forever and Ever perfume by Dior. :(
other Dior perfumes still can be find at Parkson,but not the one named Forever and Ever.

urm..when i'm in secondary school yearsss ago..
i really want to buy that perfume.
it smells very soft and nice.
suitable for young teenagers like me at that time.
but it is expensive.and i never have enough money at that time.
my parents so strict about giving me money when i'm still schooling.really... sad :(

and that's why i am so happy dad gave me gift like.. the best present ever!!! is a miniature sets of Dior.
have 5 perfumes of Dior including Forever and Ever. 
the other 4 are Hypnotic Poison, Miss Dior Cherie, Dior Addict 2 and Diorissimo.
although the set don't include J'adore (which i really really a lover of it)
but its ok cos i also love all the other 4 perfumes!
surprisingly.. all smell so nice!

i dunno why.
but i crazily like Dior Perfumes.
all smells so perfect to me.
like no words can describe.
Oh my Dior. i am addicted to you!


Dear Dior, 
i like and love you, but last month i bought Clinique Happy Heart for myself..
do you want to know why?
that's bcos you don't have good discounts. and you always don't.
but nvm,my dad already gave you to me...
i like!


Sha.Az said...

bestnye dapat hadiah perfume... ^_^

Miss Anne said...

hehe..dpt apa2 hadiah pun best :)