Wednesday, July 4, 2012

MonoloQue di Kuching sabtu ini!!!

for those whom in Kuching, Samarahan, Bau, Lundu and all around Sarawak....!
MonoloQue akan bersiaran langsung di Kuching pada 7 Julai ini!

Lokasi: Menara Dewan Suarah (Restoran 1 CO-OP). Tingkat 2..
its a very interesting location..
do u know why???
bcos u can see all around Kuching!! you're up in the sky!!! ;)

MonoloQue LIVE PERFORMING + Fastastic view = Superbbb!!

tauk sik sapa MonoloQue?

MonoloQue tok dolok lebih dikenali dengan nama Butterfingers..
tauk x?tauk x? ;P

MonoloQue adalah penyanyi kepada lagu Kekanda Adinda(find in youtube now!) yang berduet dengan Atilia...

do u know that song???
i think u know...its quite famous actually.. ;)

this is what my hubby busy for lately..
just helping to promote it here..
even i dont have much readers...but its ok lah rite hehehe :)

for more info or to buy tickets, pls contact : Wan - 016-8682074

(actually, i want to share photos taken during promoting this event all around Kuching..but the thing is,i couldn't fing the file!! too bad...huhu..i'll ask him later..)

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