Sunday, March 25, 2012

fall into pieces.

so far,this is my first time i left my blog, kept in silent for quite a long time..
i am so damn busy.
thats all i can say here.

so many things to do.
for my living.
which made me feel that i am old.
i really hate that feeling.
damn it.
i'm just 23 this year.
stilll soooo young laaa miss anne.
what happen to you?????why are you feeling that way???

without any reasons.
i dunno why at this moment,
while writing this.
i feel sad.
feels like crying..
really :(

but why mehhhhh?
me myself dunno.

sometimes i realised that i am less happy.
sometimes i feel tired.
tired means tired of everything.
 really crying rite now.


kelimutu said...

huhu,, what's wrong with you dear?? cheer up soon.. everything is gonna be alright. :)


Katta said...

head up, look straight. everything will be all right!

Miss Anne said...

yeahhh...i do must cheer up.not soon but now!hehehe..
just feeling a bit down with my surrounding...
anyway,thanks soooo much dear for your support :)

Miss Anne said...

thanks so much,dear...
i feel better now.. :)