Tuesday, March 27, 2012

triple S. Saffa's Sweet Sixteen.


8th of march.
i was invited to....

Saffa's Sweet Sixteen (triple S!) birthday celebration!

oh. to share with you..
Saffa is my cousin.
who live just beside of my house.
she turns 16 years old this year.
may her life fill with full of happiness around :)

her birthday party celebration was held at Starbuck Percint 88 in Kuching.
around 3.30 pm.
and i am amazed,i arrived there at 3.30 pm sharp.
notmore or less.hehe. over :P
i went there together with my bro Syafiq, Cousins: Dek in, Ctea, Alin, Wani.
yeah. 6 persons in a car.
i think we're quite look like sardines in a can as my car not big enough.
especially those who sitting at the back.hehehe.
i'm the driver of the day.so i am fine. hiks ;)

anyway, it was still okay and not so crowded when we on our way to reach Starbuck.
but then, its getting more more crowded after the birthday party!!!

do you know why???

jeng.... jeng.... jeng....

because we 'tapau' (bring back home) lotsssss of good foooooood!!!
my auntie (mom of birthday girl) asked us to tapau so many food!
its reaally a lot of them.
which we will not say 'no'

but its not just food.
she also ask us to bring the flower balloons,round ballon and drinks as well.
with made my car more more crowded! 

went to the birthday party happily,
be there happily,
going back home happily and thankfully with full stomach and 
not to forget, many 'tapau' to eat at home. 

here i show you some photos taken during the birthday party....

the birthday girl, Saffa.

big laugh of mine. 


pointing the birthday girl.

cute birthday cake!
and its yummy!!!
red velvet cake inside.

good good food and snacks with nice nice presentation :)


sweet 16 cutie cupcakes

cookies named Saffa :)

my fav! lets 'tapau' for more! hehe.

you want hershey's to hug or to kiss you? 
come tell me now baby. ;P

i choose the dark one!

mini pizza..delicious.

Happy 16th Birthday beautiful princess!
may god bless you~ :)

will share more later...... :)


Nitya Krisnantari said...

Whoa, such a colorful party!
Happy to see it :)

Miss Anne said...

hihi..thank you dear :)