Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tie the Knot..lima mei 2012

5th May 2012,
berakhir sudah status bujang saya!

now i am a married one??
i'm confuse.hehehe...

finally the date was the day i tie the knot with my lovely husband, Wan Abdul Nasser..
much known as Achen.. ;)

finally,after more than 5 years of relationship as a couple..
now we're husband and wife..

this is what i wish for my life..
i am happy..and feel more happier now..
with my husband always be by my side..
now dah boleh goleng sama2! eh,ahaks!

i remember that last year,
i set on my target to get married.
paling akhir pun kawin mesti 2012..
paling lewat desember 2012.not more than that..
why? bcoz i takut i tak hidup lama.
yes,so whatever me. -__-
i never tell anybody bout this before.

my dream and wish to get married has come true!
everything going so smoothly and so well.

hari akad nikah 5 mei 2012 Sabtu berjalan dengan lancar.
i feel so calm and peace on that day..
takda perasaan neves terlampau..cos normally that is how i am..huhu
thanks god :')

have a pose sebelum akad nikah..

during Akad..picture blurrrr.still waiting more photos from the photographer..

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