Thursday, May 24, 2012

unhealthy me.

i am having a long long holidayyyyyy...
yeaahhh..i love it! and can get damn bored at the same time.

am having holiday before am getting married
and almost 3 weeks after my wedding am still having a lovey dovey holiday!!!hehe
not going anywhere..just aroung kuching..
not honeymoon yet.
but honeymoon at home already so enough for now. hiks! :D

now i know how i will feels when i am in long holiday.
nothing to do,
really really got NOTHING to do..
always planning to cycling or jogging on the evening.
then u know what happen on the evening?
it heavy rainy day~
yeah.i making me gaining my weight! urhhh..
this is sick.

getting more sick when i woke up in the morning at 10 am!
so late!
i know..hhuhuuhu
then what else will i do after that?

eat breakfast.
then watch tv.
then wash dishes.
then cook for lunch.(sometime i skip this)
then eat again.   -__-
go back to bedroom.
online.but done do blog update. (so lazy me!!!!)
the 'maybe' will sleep.again!!
then when its evening,then the rain falls down..

so unhealthy me.
getting worst when do nothing but i still having my dinner.
damn worry bout my weight now..
i think i already petting some fats! dushhhhhhhh..
hate this. feel like so unhealthy.
become a very lazy me.too bad for me.  -____-

i must change this..
i MUST CHANGE thins!
and can't wait to start my biz again!
miss it muchhhoss....

i want to try to get up early then cycling..
if rain keeps continue to fall in the evening..
but..can i do that??
"hopefully~"(in lazy mode)still. hurmmm :-|