Friday, November 16, 2012

Coach Holiday 2012 - My Must-Have

Wish one is your wish list guys?????? 
Name one of them..!

Love at the first sight, for the first time i saw it...
I fall in love with it, I know I want it.. 
really really want it!!!

Dear Coach, this LEGACY LEATHER DUFFLE - Tourmaline is my dream!!!!

I must tell that to own Coach Product has always been my wish list. 
Coach Holiday 2012 collections are brilliant! 

In terms its color, cutting & design really made me amazed.
About how much i love those color, even words can’t describe....  
Especially this LEGACY LEATHER DUFFLE - Tourmaline handbag!

Oh my...i just love the color and the design..
 Moreover, this handbag is made of leather. 
I always love leather products so much! 
And of course because it is Coach! 
This bag is simple but it looks very stylish, which attracts me the most.

Furthermore, this big size of handbag suits me the best especially to go on holiday or vacations as there are important items for holiday that I must bring such as sun block, mini notebook, camera, maps, purse and my sunglasses!
One of the most reason why I wanted this bag so much is because I don’t have a handbag that suit me the most to go on a holiday. 
Like my previous holiday vacation at Sabah, Malaysia which I went last month with my husband, 
I totally relied on my husband’s travel bag to put all of our stuff together. Even the tiny and simple things like mini note book, maps, sun blocks and sunglasses.
This made me hope that I have my own stylish bag to put my stuffs in it!

I would really love to keep in style even on holiday.
Just imagine, while wearing swims-wear and lying myself on the beach, 
with this Coach handbag next to me.. 

Oh my god..... It’s just sound so perfect!!!  
It surely makes and helps me a lot to keep in style! 
I know it will look very stylish!
Oh...i really want this bag very much!!!

Who don’t love Coach right? 
I can tell that everybody would love to own them!

The most reason why I really want to win and own this bag is because right now, 
I can’t afford to have it or buy it on my own, while now I really want it to be mine...

If I win this, it will be very much appreciated as I will accept it very thankfully as my pregnancy gift... 
My most wonderful and precious pregnancy gift-EVER!! J  

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