Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Those hectic days of mine..

went to clinic for check up today afternoon.
Alhamdulillah everything is fine.
my baby and me in a good condition
and the nurse said my baby is an active baby!
and i am so glad to hear that..make me feel happy and good :)

now what am i doing beside writing this blog post is hearing music for relaxation,which i found in youtube..
keep listening many of then..from balinese spa music to thai spa massage music..
i feel so relax now after those hectic day but fun i had for last 5 days..

For those 5 days i am really became a hectic preggy lady..
but it was all fine since i am enjoyed my time and having fun..plus so much eating..hehehehe
its all happened because one aunty whom help my husband and his fellows a lot during their stay in KL before..
it was her first time came to Kuching, so since we're free
we're pleasure to bring her here and there jalan-jalan around Kuching, lepak-lepak, makan-makan,..
and not to forget her main reason that she came to Kuching was to attend our friend's wedding..
which was a really awesome wedding ceremony!!

For the first day she came we went to the 'Malam Berinai'
first I taught only to see the bride berinai..but it was not.
everyone who came can berinai....... for free!!
*oh..i love free things :P
and of course i want to berinai..for sure! thehehe..
the woman did henna on my right hand and she drew peacock design on it..
i like it so much but it did not stand last...now the henna already gone..only some left..huhuhu
but thats ok.

For the second day which was Friday,
we went again to the bride's house, for Akad Nikah ceremony..
the ceremony was a really smooth and lovely with some sentimental moments
the family is a very loving family, can see that they're really love and close to each other..
saw them tears made me feel like i want to cry tooo!oh no...
but luckily i can handle myself from tears..hehehehe

For Saturday, the third day..
we attend the wedding reception which held on the night
i can really say that,it was one of the best wedding reception i had attend all my life..
everyone was anjoying their time there..
with the bride & grooms shortfilm video,
their pictures played in slideshow since there were kids until now,
with their siblings became the emcee of the meaningful night the family and
played instruments & singing during the guests started to eat, speech from their close family & fellows..
all of it just really amazing! really..

plus not to forget of couseeeeeeeeee...the food!!!!
it was all so delicious!

what we did on forth and fifth day, i will share later if i extra 'rajin'..
i'm still feel quite tired, need to have more rest..

Oh.. I gain some more weight,  today my weight is 64kg..
Means now officially berat i dah naik 10kg!
*oh my god. T___T

but i don't worry as i don't need to worry.
as long as my baby and me is healthy.. ain't it?
Ameen :)

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