Saturday, November 17, 2012

sambungan of "those hectic day of mine"

Ok..lets sambung story entry “those hectic day of mine

On the fourth day dah tak busy, 
wedding ceremony dah settle semuanya.. 
so we had breakfast first at Madam Tang’s Cafe located at Petanak to have Laksa Sarawak! 
Oooohh... Laksa Sarawak is always my favourtite, 
especially during this pregnancy! Hehehehe.. 
Since this was the first time auntie came to Sarawak, 
so we bring her there to taste it. 
And u knows what, she like it!!!

Well, Madam Tangs’s cafe is one of the places that offer the best laksa in Kuching!! 
A very famous one u know.... ! 
All of us ordered Laksa Sarawak except my hubby whom had Beef Noodle or in Malay it called Mee Kolok. Mee Kolok also a Sarawak Cuisine..

But during this pregnancy i dunno why, 
i don’t really want to eat Mee Kolok, i prefer Laksa Sarawak for moreeeeee!!! Hehehee..

Madam Tang's Cafe at Petanak

the menus...

yummy!!! i want it now...! oh my~

Credit to google for those pictures

With full stomach, then we decide to go to Damai Central.
 On the way before we reached Damai Central, 
we stopped by to visit Makam Sultan Tengah. 
The makam is not far from Damai Central,for about 8 minutes. 
To share a little bit history, Sultan Tengah is the last Sultan of Sarawak.

After that, we went to Damai Central.
 Had some drink first at the food court before we Jalan-jalan di tepi pantai... 
So many many visitors came! biasa la hujung minggu kan..  
Plus banyak jugak pengantin yang datang to have their photo shoot.. 
Memang patut pun ramai yang suka buat photoshoot kat situ,

like who don’t like beach with a beautiful scenery rite??  
Camni la rupa Damai Central if u wants to know J

wonderful view...

Pictures credit to Google

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