Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ghostbird is Burung Hantu

Ghostbird is burung hantu.
burung hantu is an owl.

On the 26th November.
What is one of the big thing will happen in Kuching?
In my previous post 'Ku Rasa Teringin' I did mentioned that.

I mentioned what?
I mentioned bout Homecoming Tour.

Who's Homecoming Tour?
It's Zee Avi Homecoming Tour! That will be held on 26 nov in Former DUN Kuching!
If I wishes to go,I can buy the ticket at RM 78,RM 98 and RM 158.

Hmm.. I wish to go but due to my condition i don't have extra budget just to buy the concert's ticket rite now..

On Wednesday, 4 days before the concert.
I was on my way to Samarahan area.
While listening to the radio, I heard the dj said "Isyarat memanggil dibuka sekarang untuk memenangi tiket ke Zee Avi Homecoming Tour di Kuching!"
So,by hearing the 'isyarat memanggil' is ON, he asked me to dial the no.
I said I don't want. suddenly feel nervous.
So he forced me too call.
like, I must call.
Then I dial the no. and suddenly,
"Ring..Ring..Ring,,Ring" then someone pickup the phone and say hello!
Can you imagine that my heartbeat suddenly went up,beating so fast!
I feel really nervous to reply the 'hello', cos I'm so shy.
 =.='   damn me.

Then what i do? I asked him to talk and reply the 'hello'.
You know,he still forcing me!
and the hp suddenly dropped! damn.
Right then he answer the 'hello' by the dj.

The radio dj asked one question to him....
Then he answered it...

For that, he won what?
He won 2 tickets for Zee Avi Homecoming Concert!!

Like a wish come true right?
That's what we called 'rezeki dtg tanpa diduga' hehe

Reaaallly wish to go,but don't have budget to go.
By rite suddenly the free tickets come,
to go to the concert!
no need to buy! i received the passport to entertainment for free. hiks happy happy! :D

Here it is!
tix for two!

Good Things Come.
and Wish Come True.
I feel amazing.
and I feel thankful. :)

A big big THANK YOU TO ERA FM!!! :)

So here are some of photos during the concert..

hey!i got free tix! :P

waiting the door to open..

rite after the door was opened

opening performance by..hurm..i forgot.

Zee Avi!

fantastic perfomance!

stunning voice!

her talent is money can't buy. :)

really really love this homecoming concert.ghostbird tour.
Overall, the concert is just the way too amazing.
She's very talented.really an international singer.
with amazing voice,fantastic perfomance,bombastic songs,
great communications with fans, and free tickets.
what can i asked for more? :)

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