Friday, November 18, 2011

Laksa yeay!

Today i have to make a cheese cake for my cousin's engagement.
So i wake up, watching tv and showering.
Then, he fetch me to buy the cheese cake's ingedients.

Nice time to go at the shop named KKK.
Normally it always crowded there.
But today, only a few customers inside.
nice. i like.
So comfortable to looking around my needs.
and my future needs..
for my next project.. :)
Surveys something dat i gonna buy in this near future.

After buying all the igredients needed.
We both feel hungry.
I feel like i want to eat laksa Sarawak.
Has been long time i haven't eat Laksa Sarawak.
Has been long time too i haven't eat Laksa Sarawak at one of the famous in town.
Laksa at Chong Choon Cafe.CCC.
One of the best in Kuching.

We make the order.
After few minutes, the laksa arrive in front of our eyes!
glupp..i swallows my saliva like crazie! hehe
Then we fast. really!
Suddenly, our laksa already finish.
But we still hungry!
Feels like want to crave for more!haha
we already order each for one of us.
Bcos uf the hungrynesss and crazinesssss,
we ordering one more laksa!
haha. this isn't normal for us.

So,the second arrival of the order,
we take some pics.
Here they are..

the First pic in this blog,ever!!!

Most delicious Laksa in Kuching!
and here is my picture while eating it

me. serious focus to eat. :P

and him..:)

using his damn focus to crave the laksa :P

that's it.
sorry for the low quality photos.
(via my lil bro's hp W350i. not blackberry nor iphone :P)

my hp broke down.i use his for dis moment.
til my hp already fine.

ok.that's all.
need to make the cheese cakes now.
wish me the best. :)


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