Saturday, December 10, 2011

Demam. salahkan ombak.

I guess I'm still having a fever.
not Bieber fever.
Ombak Rindu punya fever..hehehe :P

just a while,i chechout latest video of affanaizatMUSIC channel.
(which is one of my most fav channel in youtube.)

and i saw what??
i saw few videos related to Ombak Rindu!
damn! trus teruja nak tgk video2 tu.hehe
dah bukak video,punya lah lama nak tggu loading.
laptop ni cam makin slow je nak bkak video and everything.
big problem.
tapi hati tetap gagah and sabar menanti video habis loading.

i really like affanaizatMUSIC's artwork.
very talented one.
he did a great job in playing instruments and singing.
he did both with feelings.especially lagu2 yang slow gitu. mmg terasa.
in video editing,he did an awesome job.
thumbs up!

these are the videos...

enjoy..layan..feeling babe.. :P

happy saturday... :)
nak kluar date with him lepas :)

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