Monday, December 26, 2011

Situ rupanya dia..

few days before i did mentioned how much i wanted to eat cheese cake.
craving like crazy at that time.
i also did mentioned that i will cater for a customer.rite.

yesterday morning.
we are ready to deliver those foods to the customer.
the location is quite far from my place.
took about 1 hour to reach there.
it was raining all day yesterday.
luckily i'm not the one who's driving :P
After we reached at the customer home
right after that 'him''s cousin arrived there too.
she was a friend of my customer.
which introduced us to cater for him. thank you.. :)
then the host invited us to eat too.
you get that?
that i am eating foods that i cater at my customer's house?
yes. it is. hehe.
i feel awkward a bit with that, but i don't care.
cos i'm so hungry.i want to eat. hiks.
so,we were chit-chatting,eating snacks.a lot.
then we had lunch.
while eating,i feel like "seleranya makan makanan yummy...!"
hehehehe..whatever me.
very hungry at that time.

then after eating,we sit and continue chit-chatting.
the host is so nice to us.

and suddenly........


guess what?!!

the host served us.. cheesecake!!! :D

oh my! my eyes suddenly become so big by looking at it!

and my hand suddenly wanted to grab it from the host!
which i can controlled it to happen. :P

like another simple wish come true..
how much i really really want to eat it..
suddenly it really came to me. (it stop hiding and show itself for me to eat it. :P)
unexpected... love it :)

cheesecake with peach.
something look like this...

see? so yummy!

thanks so much dear host. you fulfill my little feeling which really wanted to eat cheesecake without you noticed. i feel blessed :)
the feeling of eating it so amazing,which money can't buy. :P


Timeless Confection said...

Merry merry Christmas! I've never been to Sarawak. I wish I could visit your place in the near future. All the best!!!!

Marina Monroe said...

Hi Miss Anne,

The cake looks so yummy, wish auntie could have a piece of it, huhuhuhu

Miss Anne said...

Timeless Confection: really..when you'll visit here? it's a nice place to holiday.. :)

Miss Anne said...

Marina Monroe: Hi Aunty :)

betul tu aunty.mmg sedap sangat2 kek tu..
masa makan tu,rasa cam nak mintak lagi,tapi segan plak..hehehe

Anonymous said...

english berterabur..

not him's but HIS

takpe.. berlatih lagi.. practice makes perfect. hehe

Sha.Az said...

its okay dear... u can try to improve ur english from time to time. by reading perhaps. BTW congratulation. finally ur wish come true. wheeeeeeee.... ^_^

Miss Anne said...

thanks for the comment :)i know it should be his actually..but in this blog i used 'him' as his that actually..get it?
or you think i should just change his nickname?
so readers will not confused..
what do you think? :)

Miss Anne said...

Sha.Az: thanks so much dear! :)