Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sale in town? Shopping is a m.u.s.t.?

a must? huhu..
no lah rite..but a must for me now..
due to some reason of cos..
which i won't tell now. :)

Last Friday,
i went shopping with 'him'..
we bought some stuffs..
but the thing is:  "you will entitled to receive vouchers,only if you have the membership card"
but i don't have it.damn.
and i forgot to borrow it from my mom. =__=
so,kerna tak nak rugi..
i sanggup jugak nak queue up to apply for the membership card..
it was a very long queue.
and the shopping mall will closed in about one hour later!
but still.i'm willing to queue..hehe.
after the registration,
i went down stairs to pay those stuffs that i wanted to buy.
so, there was another longggg queue =__=
after i settled the payment,
Mr.'him' (wahh..is this his new nickname? :P ) redeemed the vouchers..
(which is the reason why i willing to queue up to apply the membership card.huhu.)
then you know what?
i need to.. queue up again! to pay another stuff using the vouchers..

so,let me called it 'The Queue-Up Day'

but it was really reaalllyyy worth it i guess cos i managed to save some money..
good good..... :D


british soldiers big head version.
coming for Christmas event at the Boulevard shopping mall.

And then,we went to the clothes department..
And then,we saw many nice clothes with good discount..
And then,someone is confused.. ;)

to choose the white..

or the black..

too confused.. 'him' likes both colours..
so at last..
'him' bought both of them.
and i bought a leather sling bag. orange colour.
well. i'm not confused with colours that available for the bags.
so i only buy one bag with one colour.hiks :P

oh.we had dinner first before shopping.
feel so hungryyyyy...
hate to shop with empty stomach :P
so, we went to SugarBun which located in the shopping mall..

delicious. i love savoury rice!

oh.i already made a decision for...
which perfume i'll pick!
eh. i bought it already.hehe
will share later :)

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