Friday, December 23, 2011

Simple Friday - Belly Dance Workout

Belly Dance Workout..
2 in 1. workout while dancing..
Great and fun way to exercise. really!
it is something very enjoyable to do.
instead of exercising without music,this is way much interesting.
ain't it? :D

i love to do it...really really love to do it.
and i believe you'll do love it too!
you can shake your hips, shimmy and more more others. ;)
feel sexy of yourself. auww! :P
i always do this workout before,
right after i quit my belly dance class.
since i don't go to belly dance class anymore,
i think of another way for me to still learning it without attending the class..

so, i think of..
why don't i find it in youtube,
and download it through realplayer downloader?

it is one of the smart way. rite? rite?
i can learn it from home and practice in my room..
without paying any fee!
smart me! heheehe :P

it look simple..look easy when watching only..
when you try it,it really really make you sweat like craziee!
oh.don't forget to turn of ur air-cond or fan when you workout.
then you will have better result in..sweating! :D

but now, i rarely practicing it.
i think of to start practicing it again. :)
maybe at night,after i settled my bnes and everything.

so,this is one of the belly dance workout that i do practiced before..

oh.if you have the bellydance belt,it will more fun!
cos it will produce some sound of coins when you shimmy and moving. (keching~...keching~...)
feeling like a real belly dancer. :D
but it doesn't matter,it still can be enjoyed without the belt. :)

spend your free time with trying this ok ;)
have a good time!

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