Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kek Keju, dimana kamu ya?

i really feel

i feel like want to eat cheesecake rite now! huhu.
is it a hungry saturday?
i don't think so..
i think..i'm craving for it now...
really want to eat cheesecake now! huhu..

Kek keju Oreo, di mana kamu???


stop hiding!
show yourself now!
send yourself to me now!
so i can eat you!!
wahh.hahahaha. :P

how can i get it?
and how can i make it?

since i will busy cooking tonite to cater for tomorrow.
a new customer asked to cater for Christmas Day (tomorrow!) for his family.
he asked us to cook Mee Jawa, Rendang Daging & Satay.
see? not only us celebrating Hari Raya need something like Mee Jawa,Rendang and Satay.
but they do too! :)


oh. maybe i can make cheesecake with oreo by my own for this coming new year eve's!! :D
brilliant idea! good.. good.. hehe ;)
i'm planning on it now. hope i can make it happen. Amin :)
cause all my family will gather on that night, to celebrate new year together.
its an annual event for my family.
we did it every year.. never missed!
even though if its rainy day.
we still make it happened.


i want it now.seriously.

oh no.. -.-

(heart says: feel so thankful rezeki always coming.come one by one.. pls, keep coming... :)


Sha.Az said...

i know how it feel when you really craving for a cheesecake... nothing will stop u or make u satisfied until u can feel it melt in you mouth. yummmyyyyyy.....

Miss Anne said...

true true~hehe.. the feeling when its melting in mouth is the best ever!